CD review PRIMAL FEAR ‘Metal Commando’

One thing to start with, Primal Fear stay true to themselves and their music, also on ’Metal Commando’. There are no fundamental changes the guys add to their sound and this continuity is well-received in fast-changing times. This does not mean, that the German Metal icons start to repeat themselves. Also the newest delivery is full of thundering rhythms, screaming guitars and Ralf Scheepers – metal siren-like vocals, all with an extra layer of musical finesse.

’Metal Commando’ is a promising title for a longplayer and it also rises expectations, a band needs to live-up to. In this specific case it feels like an ease for the sextet to fulfill expectations, offering Metal hymns, that reflect the Primal Fear trademarks from start to finish. The guys do again what they can do best, writing Heavy Metal songs that find the sweet-spot of heaviness, melody and raw power.

Primal Fear is the brainchild of Mat Sinner and frontman Ralf Scheepers, both starting the powerhouse in the late ’90s. The guys, together with guitarist Tom Naumann, are the core of the band with Alex Beyrodt, Magnus Karlsson and Michael Ehré joining the band over time. For the latter, dummer Michael Ehré, ’Metal Commando’ marks the first Primal Fear album appearance, a contribution that enriches the record by a forceful and relentless beat. This factor is not to underestimate when it comes to the punch of the record. ’The Lost & The Forgotten’ is a perfect example, a rhythm-driven Metal tornado that shows the great harmony of bass and drums, a heartbeat that’s vital for the album.

Album number 13 showcases a band that features musicians with a big appetite for what they are doing. You can play music but you have to live Metal to become authentic and real. Throughout the 57 minutes of ’Metal Commando’ the German Metal enthusiasts leave no doubt that they belong to the latter,

Having a look into the track-listing means, going from bottom to top. The closing chapter on ’Metal Commando’ is called ’Infinity’ and is with more than 13 minutes an epos, being the longest one to date. This song is more of a composition and as if it would be no effort, the sextet keeps the level of excitement high throughout. A calmer beginning transforms into a firing Metal track with blistering guitars in the solo part. Things become more soulful again in the middle section before Melodic Metal takes the song to the finishing line. 

If you are looking for some more compact Metal you should check out ’Raise Your Fist’, a straight to the point metalizer. Although the album contains with the soulful ’I Will Be Gone’ an emotional break, it is the rest of the songs having a lot of firepower. Regardless which track you choose, it is solid Heavy Metal that reaches your ears. There is the heavy pounding ’Along Came the Devil’ and there is the musical wake-up call ’I Am Alive’, being the well-placed opener, just two examples of what the longplayer caters for.

This ’metal commando’ is not intended to take prisoners. This album, with its 11 Metal bullets, hits bulls eye constantly and if you have been a fan of Primal Fear’s dynamic and powerful Metal in the past, the new album will be appreciated. Furious guitars and a strong groove, combined with a great sense for melodies makes this record to a delight for headbangers. Horns up. 

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. I Am Alive
  2. Along Came the Devil
  3. Halo
  4. Hear Me Calling
  5. The Lost & The Forgotten
  6. My Name is Fear
  7. I Will Be Gone
  8. Raise Your Fists
  9. Howl of Banshee
  10. Afterline
  11. Infinity

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: July 24th, 2020



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