CD review MASSIVE WAGONS ‘House of Noise’

In case you haven’t heard of the band before, Massive Wagons have their homebase in Lancaster, UK. Founded in 2009 the band could already score four longplayers. After having inked a deal with Earache Records the band released with ‘Full Nelson’ their fourth album in 2018. Two years later the next release lines up for being shipped to the record stores mid July.

Massive Wagons fifth studio album is massive. Songs like the six minutes rock hymn ‘Hero’ is impressive. It partly feels like the thundering riffs of bands like AC/DC meets the sound of the New Wave of Heavy Metal. The song is certainly a hero on the album, but also the other eleven tracks aren’t to underestimate. What could sound old-fashioned or covered in dust is actually the opposite. ‘House of Noise’ is loud and dynamic.

‘In it Together’ is the string point to this exciting rock’n’roll journey and the easy grooving ‘Bangin’ in Your Stereo’ continues with a good time spirit. The good thing with this album is the fact of an oldschool spirit that comes across being modern and contemporary. The title track is another example that catches you’re attention right away by its rock spirit. The music of Massive Wagons has a punch that attracts immediately.

Some records get a bit weaker in the bottom part of the tracklist, not this one though. The fast-paced ‘Pressure’ has a bit of an anarchical punk drive while ‘Curry Song’ takes things a bit easier, still hot though. Last but not least ‘Matter of Time’, the eight minutes closer of ‘House of Noise’. A bit less ‘noisy’ but more soulful instead, the band puts an emotional tune at the end of an album that I haven’t expected to be that powerful.

After having listened to the album several times I can recommend to push the door to the ‘House of Noise’ wide open. The organic and warm rock’n’roll spirit that welcomes you right away is just something you shouldn’t miss. And once you’re in the ‘House of Noise’ you want to stay.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. In It Together
  2. Banging In Your Stereo
  3. House Of Noise
  4. Freak City
  5. Hero
  6. Professional Creep
  7. Pressure
  8. Curry Song
  9. Glorious
  10. Sad Sad Song
  11. Hallescrewya
  12. Matter Of Time

Label: Earache Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: July 17th, 2020




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