ARROGANZ announce a new album

‘Morsus’, the new album of German sepulchral Death Metal outfit Arroganz, will be released on October 2nd 2020 via the band’s new label home Supreme Chaos Records!

A video clip for the crushing title track is available already at this location:

Arroganz is raging honesty. Real despair. True anger. An attitude beyond “fuck off”. A pure will for freedom. Since 2008 this band has developed its own style and sound by fusing straightforward death metal, cold black metal parts and obscure doom passages. With their last album “Primitiv” (2017) the infamous three piece opened their very own musical universe of pain and wrath, followed by an EP entitled “Erzketzer” (2018). Now with “Morsus”, their fifth full-length, it is time to release the cruel final part of this trilogy.

b r e a t h e . r i s e . r u l e . d i e


  1. Anodynon
  2. Morsus
  3. Pain & Light
  4. Sleepless Forever
  5. Dead Man Galaxy
  6. In$Ide $uicide
  7. Aurora Arroganz
  8. Guillotinen
  9. Sickpeopledie.
  10. Next Level Satan
  11. 553
  12. Praise Death = Feast Life
  13. I Dealt With The Devil

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