CD review LOUISE LEMÓN ‘Devil’ – EP

Louise Lemón, the queen of death gospel, that’s how the Swedish singer, who presents with ‘Devil’ a new EP these days, sees herself. ‘Death’ in this context has nothing to do though with death metal and isn’t a weird crossover attempt either. The term ‘death’ in a context of wistfulness and melacholia matches the sound of the Swedish artist very well.

Five new songs is what this EP offers, all characterized by Lemón’s extraordinary voice. Powerful and also full of emotions she can give her sung words an emtional depth which is impressive. Lemón doesn’t recite any words or lyrics, she creates a sonic atmosphere that allows her to bring the words to life, even if it’s sometime a life in grey days.

Examplary for the EP is the title rack with its vibe of dark romance. Soulfulness, a great melody line and a emotional intesity is what this tune spreads, a mood also the great ‘Taurus Woman’ represents. Sometimes it feels like listening to Lana Del Rey, just in a darker version.

If you are looking for music that’s not only based on solid power riffs, this EP is to recommend.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Label: Icons Creating Evil Art 

Genre: ‘Death Gospel’

Release Date EU: May 29th, 2020



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