CD review VAMPIRE ‘Rex’

If the third album is still the deciding factor for the future development of a band remains open, but the past shows that these albums are at least a kind of indicator. Gothenburg’s Vampire are approaching this crossroads with ‘Rex’.

Founded in 2011 the band of Command, Hand Of Doom, Black String, Abysmal Condor and Sepulchral Condor released a self-titled debut album in 2014. ‘With Primeval Force’ the next record followed three years later and based on the given rhythm the third album ‘Rex’ is now, again three years later, on the shelves of record stores.

With a running time of 39 minutes the album is short and compact, which doesn’t stop the blackened listening pleasure.
After ‘Prelusion’ marked a softer start, the Swedish guys are now beating the roof with the title track. What comes after a bloodcurdling scream is blackened metal at a furious pace. Surprisingly, Vampire bases their music on ‘Rex’ on ’80s metal which manifests itself in nearly all songs. Not black- or death metal is the base for the new album. Traditional metal is what provides the foundation for ‘Rex’ and it happens without the band limiting their diabolic sound and vibe.

‘Inspiritus’ is following the same approach as the title track, while the wild and uncompromising ‘Wiru-Akka’ puts the black metal roots into the diabolic forefront. ‘Anima’ should not stay unmentioned too as it is with six minutes the longest song of the album. We are facing a slow track which transports a hellish groove through a hypnotic beat. ‘Anima’ is certainly the most atmospheric and dense song on ‘Rex’ and a small masterpiece.

‘Rex’ is a pitch-black longplayer with the glow of hell sticking to it. And to come back to the beginning of this review, if the third album is still trend-setting for the future of a band, then we don’t have to worry about Vampire.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Prelusion
  2. Rex
  3. Inspiritus
  4. Wiru-Akka
  5. Pandemoni
  6. Moloch
  7. Rekviem
  8. Serafi
  9. Anima
  10. Melek-Taus

Label: Century Media

Genre: Blackened Death-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June 19th, 2020


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