MORDRED and the new EP

Update 04.06.2020:
The release date moved to June 19th, 2020

If there are crossover pioneers in metal it’s Mordred from San Francisco, California. Belonging to the spearhead of bands that merged thrash metal with hiphop and funk, the guys released with ‘Fools Game’ an album that broke the chains of exciting genre limitation and opened a door to a new sound far earlier than bands like Rage Against The Machine, Link Bizkit & Co.

Unfortunately Mordred couldn’t maintain this strong start and things came to an end in 1995. There were some attempts to return to the scene in the early 2000th but now things become more tangible.

Mordred announce with ‘Volition’ a new EP that will be unleashed on June 11th. A first single has been launched already, a song entitled ‘Not For You’. This song is a real appetizer and it seems that Mordred might find back to their old strength in a new world. Stay tuned for more.


Scott Holderby–vocals
 James Sanguinetti–guitars
 Danny White–guitars
 Art Liboon–bass
 Aaron (Pause) Vaughn–keyboards, vocals, turntables
 Jeff Gomes–drums


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