CD review ENTORX ‘Faceless Insanity’

Today we will dig our way into the underground of German heavy metal and discover a band from Speyer that was previously undiscovered by me – Entorx.

The guys started the band in 2009 and a first tangible result could be reported in 2011. ‘Theta Waves’ is the name of the first release, an EP. Two years later Entorx debuted with ‘Broken Ways’ before radio silence took over.

These days the guys are making themselves heard again and are pushing the sophomre album of the band’s career onto the market. ‘Faceless Insanity’ is the title of the new record, which contains nine tunes and a bonus track.
Entorx are dedicated to the harder sounds of heavy metal. What the listener gets is a good mixture of death- and thrash metal. To avoid that the entire longplayer gets a bit too monotonous the guys added a pinch of progressiveness, which leads to the impressive centerpiece of the record. ‘Doomed’, although placed towards the end of the album, is a 10 minute epic that is a good example of the band’s songwriting skills. Deep growls from the bottom of the gut, a slowly rolling start, an epic middle part and a deadly closing make this song a little highlight of the new Entorx album.

All in all we can concude that variety in general is an important aspect for the guys. With ‘Overture: Condamnation’ the new record got a spoken word intro that reflects the whole contrast in the US of A. ‘Black Dawn’ is the perfect follow-up song. fast and uncompromisingly this wrecking ball is like a musical punch into the face of the audience.

With ‘Isolation’, ‘Faceless Insanity’ has got a quiet interlude too, framed by brutal tracks like ‘PTSD’ and entertaining neck-breakers like ‘Madness Unchained’.

For seven years the world has not welcomed a new album from the German outfit. Now, in 2020, Entorx are up and running again and are kicking ass with their second album. With such a longplayer at hand I could imagine that the one or the other label gets interested and excited.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Overture: Condamnation
  2. Black Dawn
  3. Hypocritical Faith
  4. PTSD
  5. Isolation
  6. Madness Unchained
  7. Paranoid Conspiracy
  8. Morbid Rage
  9. Doomed
  10. Death Machine (Bonus track)

Label: self-released

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: May 29th, 2020



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