CD review FORGOTTEN TOMB ‘Nihilisitc Estrangement’

Forgotten Tomb hail from Italy and are the brainschild of bandleader Herr Morbid. What started as a one-man-project developed and grew in the meantime into a trio. In 2003 Algol and Asher joined Forgotten Tomb and in this line-up the Italians released numerous albums until today.

Their latest work is called ‘Nihilistic Estrangement’ and includes six songs of which none is shorter than six minutes.

Musically, Forgotten Tomb walk in the realms of black metal and doom metal and the album doesn’t sound that bad. Interesting guitars and powerful rhythms create a darker aura, also expressed in a good fashion by the artwork. A certain fascination can’t be denied.
The weak spot of the album though are the vocals. Genre-typical hoarse screams are present through-out, but you can’t deny the monotony when it’s about the vocal range. There are no twists or variation and maybe the monotony are stylitic devise. However, it’s a bit of the same thing only different, which leads to length and discouragement which is a pity, because musically the album really spreads its blackend charm.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Active Shooter
  2. Iris’ House Pt. I
  3. Iris’ House Pt. II
  4. Distrust3
  5. Nihilistic Estrangement
  6. RBMK

Label: Agonia Records

Genre: Blackened Doom Metal

Release Date EU: May 8th, 2020



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