Hamburg’s rock & metal scene in times of corona – PLATTENKISTE

Covid-19 and the taken measures have a big impact on everybody individually, but have also an impact on the music business. Enough of a reason to reach out to clubs, bands,… in the greater Hamburg area to see what the situation is and how everybody can stand together to go though this. Today we continue with Plattenkiste and Christian Kind, describing the situation there.

Markus Heavy Music Blog: Christian, what were your first thoughts when an imminent lockdown became apparent in the course of March?

Christian: Well, Italy had prepared us a bit for it, but when it was unavoidable for Germany too, I thought “Shit, and now what?

MHMB: The situation is devastating for the music business and small record stores have had a hard time anyway. What were your first measures in the lockdown situation and do you receive governmental support for the Plattenkiste?

Christian: I was lucky that we are currently having a new logo, designed by a great artist from Australia, Mike Foxall. He is guitarist of The Neptune Power Federation and he also designs their covers and t-shirts. So as a first step we started a crowdfunding campaign, where our customers can help us financially by buying t-shirts, pins, patches and other goodies. We also offered our customers to order their LPs and CDs from us and offered a pick-up or sent by us. Last but not least, the governmental financial injection has just arrived today.

MHMB: Beside all the drama, do you also feel a new solidarity in the world of music? It feels like everyone is moving a little closer together?

Christian: Yes, the solidarity is fantastic! Not only our customers support us wherever they can. On social networks, musicians also motivate people to order their records at smaller shops, also mentioning their favorite shops. The team from Ballroom Hamburg started a great campaign, in which Hamburg’s Rock and Metal scene has come together. Under the banner “United We Stand – We support Hamburg Rock City” we sell t-shirts and patches. Besides the Ballroom and the Plattenkiste, the campaign includes the Headbangers Open Air, the Hamburg Metal Dayz, the Hausverbot, the Night Light, The Sleazy R-Evolution and Remedy Records.

Photo: Plattenkiste

MHMB: Nobody knows at the moment how things will evolve. What’s your guess about re-opening the Plattenkiste and when do you think concerts can take place again in the future?

Christian: If you would have asked me that question a few days ago, I would have said that we will re-open at the beginning of June and that concerts will only take place on a small scale (up to max. 500 people) this year, starting in autumn. Today I can say: “Monday we will finally start again!”, a month and a half earlier than I expected. The first song in the store on Monday will be AC/DC’s ’Back In Business Again’!

MHMB: To what extent can music fans support you to survive the crisis?

Christian: Our crowdfunding campaign will run until April 30th! Every cent helps! And from Monday on, you can shop regularly at the Plattenkiste again! In the beginning it will be with little restrictions, with probably only 3 people at a time in the shop and only with gloves and mouth/nose-mask! But better this way, than not at all.

MHMB: Christian, thanks for making time for MHMB. Is there anything else from your side that you would like to mention? 

Christian: Actually only one thing: Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it!



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