CD review IRIST 'Order of the Mind'

Although there are many good bands hailing from South America THE protagonist of South American Metal is certainly Sepultura. Now, Irist isn’t a Brazilian band, but since the founders are Argentinean and Chilean some comparisons with the mighty spearhead of South American Metal are allowed. Pablo Davila and Bruno Segovia were inspired by the rise of Sepultura, a stimulus for them to get to the same level with Irist.

The first steps on this adventurous journey have been taken with a demo that felt into Monte Conner’s hands via producer Matt Bayle. Conner was enthusiastic of what he got to hear, correspondence started and ended with the band inking a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

Irist, in the meantime homebased in Atlanta, started to work on songs for their first longplayer, which is available in the record stores. ‘Order of the Mind’ is the title of an album that features ten songs in total.

The quintet created a distinct sound that combines an aggressive oldschool vibe with more modern elements. Sepultura, as well as bands like Gojira and High On Fire, had an impact on Irist’s sound without copying any of these bands.

‘Eons’ kickstarts the album in good fashion. Driven by a merciless beat the song includes pithy riffs and aggressive screams by frontman Rodrigo Carvahlo. An acoustic middle part shows the willingness to variations, also showcasing the potential that comes with band. With all the power included in songs like ‘Severed’ the band doesn’t forget to embed some melodies too. Those don’t dominate and are used more subtle as an extra ingredient for most of the songs.

Nevertheless, heaviness is a basic feature of Irist’s sound and manifests itself in sonic wrecking balls like ‘Dead Prayers’ and ‘Order of the Mind’, the title track. ‘Harvester’ acts as a counterpart to the heavy outburst, being a tune that builds on bigger soundscapes without denying heaviness. Another song you might want to check out is ‘The Well’, also since the track includes a heavy pounding middle part, reminding a bit of Machine Head’s ‘Davidian’. The song is a pure neck-muscle-challenger.

‘Order of the Mind’ is certainly a strong debut album. The guys recorded music they like and they love to listen to themselves. With this authenticity Irist has the potential to grow in the coming years and if vocals will show a bit more variation, the guys could potentially close the gap to bands like Sepultura.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Eons 
  2. Burning Sage The Cleansing  
  3. Severed 
  4. Creation 
  5. Dead Prayers 
  6. Insurrection 
  7. Order of the Mind 
  8. Harvester
  9. The Well 
  10. Nerve 

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Metal

Release Date EU: April 27th, 2020



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