CD review TESTAMENT 'Titans of Creation'

In one or another way the title says it all – ‘Titans of Creation’. It’s not only the title of Testament’s newest delivery, it also reflects the music on this longplayer very well.

Some people look at ’13’ as not being a lucky number. Testament proves you wrong. Their 13th longplayer is an extremely strong one that I haven’t expected to be that good. The Bay Area Metal titans never released a bad album and expectations are high the moment a new album is announced. However, ‘Titans of Creation’ tops these expectations.

Already while listening to the record the first time transferred me back in time to days when the band got out of the starting blocks. ‘Titans of Creation’ has the power of the first three longplayers, using modern production techniques that help to even strengthen this sonic punch. ‘Titans of Creation’ is raw and unpolished, still benefiting for a well-crafted sound.

The galloping ‘Children of the Next Level’, the smashing ‘WWIII’ and the heavy-pounding ‘Dream Deceiver’ are the first songs you get to listen to. It’s a fulminant start into the album, not compromising on dynamics, power and trademarks. Chuck Billy’s voice is in excellent shape and is together with Skolnik’s and Peterson duelling guitars a key asset for band and record. Shining on a rock solid rhythm foundation, provided by Glen Hoglan and Steve DiGiorgi, the band fires on all cylinders.

Also songs kept in a moderate pace, like ‘City of Angels’, are breath-taking Metal anthems while it’s the smashing tracks like ‘False Prophet’ you seriously shouldn’t miss as being a metal fan. The latter is a masterpiece in Thrash Metal and one of the best Testament songs I have heard for a quite a while. Driven by a merciless beat, raging riffs and blistering solo parts the song is a blast.

The world needs healers these days and ”Titans of Creation’ delivers a musical one – a song called ‘The Healers’. It’s an intensive Metal track with a solid Rock vibe, leading you to Code of Hammurabi’. A massive wall of guitars leads-off ‘Curse of Osiris’. Again shifting gears, Testament rounds-off in the same uncompromising fashion as they started the album. Chuck Billy’s even stresses his vocal frame with hoarse and blackened screams, something we haven’t heard often before.

‘Titans of Creation’ is a massive Thrash Metal album that has the potential to end up extremely high in any ‘longplayer of the year 2020’ poll. Build on an oldschool Thrash Metal vibe, the quintet embraces their musical history and transfer it into the new world of today. Testament, true titans of Metal creation. Massive.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Children of the Next Level
  2. WWIII
  3. Dream Deceiver
  4. Night of the Witch
  5. City of Angel
  6. Ishtars Gate
  7. Symptoms
  8. False Prophet
  9. The Healers
  10. Code of Hammurabi
  11. Curse of Osiris
  12. Catacombs

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: April 3rd, 2020



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