CD review GRACELESS ‘Where Vultures Know Your Name’

Dutch riff-grinders Graceless are a well-known band in The Netherlands with a strong fanbase in place. Outside the Benelux some fans of oldschool Death Metal might have the quartet on their metallic radar too but it could be more. ‚Where Vultures Know Your Name‘ is supposed to exacted change this.

Graceless is a rather new band, founded in 2016 by Remco Kreft. The singer and guitarist, also known from his contribution to Bodyfarm as well as Soulburn, found with Graceless an outlet for his vision of Death Metal. The debut ‘Shadowlands’, released in 2017, was a first strike with ‘Where Vultures Know Your Name’ waiting in line to pick it up where the guys left off three years ago.

A song that describes Graceless‘ sound very well is ‚Retaliation of the Wicked‘. Starting with a meat cleaver riff the song faces a brutal start, amplified by ear-splitting growls. What’s also apparent are the melodic guitar lines that once in a while turn into hellish screaming leads. Not to forget the massive chorus. This song is certainly one of the best songs Graceless ever recorded.

‚Nine Days of Mourning‘ doesn‘t give a single reason for mourning. It‘s another Death Metal smasher with tempo changes adding devilish excitement to the total. The atmosphere is wistful and gives you the shivers. Although many songs are in slower and in moderate pace, the quartet, hailing from Leiden, can also push the pedal. ‚Warpath‘ is such a moment, an uptempo track that‘s straight to the point and without any frills. Just pure Death Metal a la Bolt Thrower.

Last but not least the title track. What begins as a slowly creeping riff monster turns into another oldschool wrecking ball, with growls as deep as we know them from Tampa. I don‘t know the place where  vultures know your name but based on this song it‘s for sure not a friendly one.

‚Where Vultures Know Your Name‘ is a very well-craftted album with oldschool Death Metal that sounds bold and merciless. This longplayer should help the band to get more attention, in Holland and hopefully also behind the borders. This spring Dutch tulips blossom pitch-black.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Lugdunum Batavorum
  2. Retaliation of the Wicked
  3. Commander of Christ
  4. Nine Days of Mounring
  5. Here Be Dragons
  6. Where Vultures Know Your Name
  7. Warpath
  8. Embrace the Rain

Label: Raw Skull Recordz

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 27th, 2020



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