BRKN LOVE will release self-titled album tomorrow

BRKN Love is the brainchild of Toronto singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo. At the age of 16 Belolo left school with a clear ambition to play music and be on stage. Via New York City he moved on to Los Angeles and step by step a BRKN Love silhouette started to shimmer.

Tomorrow the self-titled album sees the light of day, featuring 11 songs. BRKN Love, that’s well-crafted Rock music, sometime with a bit of Grunge embedded, performed with passion and dedication. Benlolo experienced a lot during his young career, one of the reasons why this debut sounds pretty mature for a young musician.

BRKN Love is a lively album, not polished and with edges. Just like life. It captures the essence of Rock very well and we can stay curious since I guess we will hear more of the band and its bandleader over the coming years.


1. I Can’t Lie
2. I See Red
3. Shot Down
4. Flies In The Honey
5. Papercuts
6. Seventeen
7. Toxic Twin
8. Complicated
9. Oxygen
10. Don’t Panic
11. In Your Hands



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