CD review ASSASSIN ‘Bestia Immundis’

Over the last years some German Trash Metal bands revitalized what started in the ’80s and was put to sleep for some years. Assassin is one of these bands.

The guys premiered with ‘The Upcoming Terror’ album in 1987 before the parted ways in 1989 after having pushed to sophomore album to the market.

Since 2002 Assissin is active again and released a few longplayers of which ‘Bestia Immundis’ marks the newest strike of the Düsseldorf-based metallers. Assassin these days is driven by guitarist Jürgen Scholz who recruited some new players and welcomed them on board. Most interesting is the joining of Frank Blackfire in 2016, adding massive guitar power to Assassin’s sound.

The quintet recorded 11 songs for ‘Bestia Immundis’ and the first one you face is inspired by a horror movie. ‘The Swamp Thing’ is a furious start into the album, showcasing band that has a big appetite for Metal.

Although it was a horror movie that led to ‘The Swamp Thing’ there’s a lot of lyrics on the album that face reality. ‘The Wall’ is one of them, a statement based on Trump’s plans of building a wall. Also ‘Not Like You’ picks-up a topic that’s very present. It’s a song against social norms and standards, rebelling against it. Being an outsider doesn’t mean you’re outside, you’re an individual that can enjoy such a position.

Last but not least there’s with ‘Chemtrails’ an ironic song on the album, addressing fake news and the impact of media. It’s an instrumental that leads-off ‘Chemtrails’ before part 2 takes over, being a massive closer. A sonic punch.

‘Besta Immundis’ might not be the most innovative album in 2020, but it certainly is an energtic Thrash Metal release, done by five musicians being passionate about Metal.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. The Swamp Thing
2. Hoch Much Can I Take?
3. No More Lies

4. Not Like You!
5. The Wall
6. Hell’s Work Done
7. The Killing Light
8. Shark Attack
9. War Song
10. Chemtrails (Part 1)
11. Chemtrails (Part 2)

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: February 7th, 2020



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