CD review GOD DETHRONED ‘Illuminati’

God Detroned, that’s the brainchild of Henri Sattler who started the band in 1991 in Beilen, The Netherlands. Since then the story of God Dethroned is a scattered one when it comes to the existence of the band. It’s a bit of an on/off thing that follows the band with the latest return to the scene in 2015.

‘The World Ablaze’ was the powerful comeback that’s now followed by the next deadly strike called ‘Illuminati’. And what was clearly reconginsable with the release of the predecessor was the fact that fans didn’t forget the band in the years of abscence. The band and their album was very welcomed by Death Metal fans and the new longplayer strives for continuation.

As with many of the earlier releases also ‘Illuminati’ doesn’t follow the beaten path of Death Metal. God Dethroned’s newest delivery can be seen as the most variable one they produced so far. There’s the stellar “Gabriel’, for sure one of the best tunes on a very well-done longplayer. It’s a melodic start and an atmospheric sound which leads a blackened vibe throughtout. Slowly but steady intensity increases, a pattern to be broken by the melodic solo part in the last third.

Talking about blackened and atmospheric songs, ‘Eye of Horus’ for sure belongs to them too. With an almost cinematic expression and embedded choir-passages the track’s a milestone. These songs are sailing along in moderate pace but there are the uptempo smashers too. ‘Broken Halo’, although starting slower, doesn’t take any prisoners. A dense sound, racing guitars and a heavy pounding drum line, that’s what characterises the song. ‘Satan Spawn’ and ‘Spirit of Beelzebub’ doesn’t push the brakes either.

The ending of the album starts with a organ intro called ‘Dominus Muscarum’, leading to the closer ‘Blood Moon Eclipse’. The final track on the album is certainly one of the most aggressive ones on the album. Machine-gun drum sections, Sattler’s harsh vocals/growls and again a massive density qualifies ‘Blood Moon Eclipse’ as a great closer of an album that shows God Dethroned modern, dynamic, aggressive and oldschool, all at the same time.

The only minus-point is that the album is with 36 minutes running time not excessively long. However, since each of the songs is a musical treat missing length carries no weight. ‘Illuminati’ has enough fire power to be liked by fans and has enough variation also, to win over some new fans that might have missed the band so far (are there any?).

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Illuminati
  2. Broken Halo
  3. Book of Lies
  4. Spirit of Beelzebub
  5. Satan Spawn
  6. Gabriel
  7. Eye of Horus
  8. Dominus Muscarum
  9. Blood Moon Eclipse

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 7th, 2020


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