CD review LORDI ‘Killection’

Finnish Rock/Metal monsters Lordi are nearly 3 decades in business, which shows that there must be a bigger fanbase out there, appreciating the heavy monster show. And not to forget in this context the participation at the Eurovision song contest in 2006 that gave Mr. Lordi and his buddies a great platform for reaching a lot of people throughout Europe.

In the meantime we are all 14 years further down the road, the buzz became a bit less over time but still, Lordi comes with a new album. ‘Killection’ is title of this longplayer that’s right in the starting blocks and features 15 tracks of which some are shorter sequences, re-vitalizing the good old Rock Radio spirit.

The album includes a 100% Lordi songs. Based on Hard Rock of the ‘80s, the Finns added songs to their offer that stick to your mind right away. Big keyboard sounds and catchy melodies, sometime even bridging over to a Pop-appeal, like in ‚Zombimbo‘, make each of the songs easy approachable.

The thing is though, that the songs are, with all their catchiness, doesn’t really go along with endless excitement. Quick in mind and fast out of sight is what this album is about. It’s like a flash in the pan and there is not enough substance in each of the songs to make them timeless Rock anthems, inspired by the sound Kiss, Alice Cooper and some ‚80s heroes. Why not listening to the originals instead? Also the ‚Radio Broadcast Intermezzos’ can’t really change this impression although it awoke some nice memories of a time when You Tube and streaming platforms weren’t something people even could imagine to happen.

Furthermore ‚Killection‘ is a next album that includes the play with words and what was a funny thing in the earlier days becomes the repetition that loses excitement with every turn.

Lordi’s new longplayer is like sugar. Yiu know what you can expect, it gives you a boost for a short period of time but it doesn‘t satisfy your real hunger, in this case you appetite for Rock‘n‘Roll. ‚Killection‘ – same thing only different. 

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Radio
  2. Horror For Hire
  3. Shake the Baby Silent
  4. Like a Bee to the Honey
  5. Apollyon
  6. The Last Hour
  7. Blow My Fuse
  8. I Dug a Hole in the Yard For You
  9. Zombimbo
  10. Up to No Good
  11. Demonic Semitones
  12. Cutterfly
  13. Evil
  14. Scream Demon
  15. I Am Here

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: January 31st, 2020



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