CD review BONDED ‘Rest in Violence’

One of the first Thrash Metal attacks of the new decade comes from Bonded. Although Bonded premiers with ‚Rest in Violence‘ it can’t be said that the band lacks experience. Some genre veterans are the driving force behind this powerhouse that delivers a first milestone of the new metallic decade.

After having parted ways with Sodom Bernd ‚Bernemann‘ Kost and Markus ‚Makka‘ Freiwald, both being rooted in Metal since 30 years, checked out options for a new outlet of their passion for Metal with Bonded being the result of this exploration phase. 

Bernemann and Makka teamed up with former Suicidal Angels guitarist Chris Tsitsis, Marc Hausschild and Ingo Bajonczak, all three with a longer history in Metal also. 

The quintet worked on the debut called ‚Rest in Violence‘ that gets shipped to the record stores mid January. The ten songs comprising tracklist features brutal Thrash Metal, somewhere located between Exodus, Destruction and Sodom.

A little bit of Overkill shimmers through as well, thinking about the title track. No less than Overkill iconic frontman Blitz Ellsworth has a guest appearance, while former Kreator bassist Speedy Gielser adds a solid groove to this Thrash Metal anthem. The album is a gathering of Metal veterans, following their metal heart. Bonded, that’s Thrash Metal without compromises. Although the album might not always come with totally new sounds it’s the authenticity. raw power and dedication that qualifies this longplayer for a first highlight in 2020.

Most of the tunes on this longplayer belong to the ‚fast & furious’ category, but there are moments when Bonded pull the break and slow down. ‚No Cure For Live’ is such a moment, a moderate paced track that doesn’t compromises on intensity. The merciless, almost hypnotic beat catches you right away while the dark vibe gives you the shivers.

Intelligent breaks like in ‚The Rattle & The Snake‘ are another feature of Bonded and who would have expected the sound of a harmonica being part of Thrash Metal. Listen to ‚The Rattle & The Snake‘ and you will find out that it works very well. 

‚Rest in Violence‘ is a strong first strike. This quintet fires on all cylinders and it feels like this debut releases all the energy that piled up over the last months. Welcome Bonded.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Godgiven 
  2. Suit Murderer 
  3. Rest In Violence 
  4. Je Suis Charlie
  5. The Rattle & The Snake
  6. No Cure For Life
  7. Where Silence Reverberates
  8. Galaxy M87 
  9. Arrival
  10. The Outer Rim 

Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 17th, 2020



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