CD review MÄRVEL ‘Märvellous’ – EP

The King, The Vicar and The Burgher, also known as Märvel, are a well-established Rock band hailing from Sweden. The trio premiered in 2005 with ‚Five Smell City‘ and before releasing a longplayer the band had two EP’s out in the record shops. What’s not known that much is the fact of a 4-track EP that was even done prior to ‚Heroine Tracks‘. ‚Märvellous’ is this mini album that takes you back to the roots of Märvel.

The US indie label New York Powerhitters was supposed to release the EP at the time but band and label parted ways prior to release and the band couldn’t get hold of neither copies nor master tape. At the end the tapes were destroyed in the Universal Studio fire in 2008.

Nearly 20 years after a first recording Märvel went into the studio again, this time for a re-recording session of the early musical treasure. ‚A Taste of Platinum‘ was already part of the debut album but now it’s all four songs seeing the light of day. ‚Märvellous‘ is marvellous and recording the songs for a second time was definitely worth the effort. This EP provides you with excellent Hard Rock songs that find a lot of inspiration in the sound of Kiss.

‚Amaze-O‘ is a cool and rocking starting point, build on a great riff. The title track picks up the spirit of the opener and carries a lot of Kiss, also since The King sounds like a young Paul Stanley.

A ’70s vibe is the main  driver for ‘Public School 75’ as well before the already known ‚A Taste of Platinum‘ ends this EP far too early. Märvel fans will be happy that the gap is closed and so is the band. But also fans of very well executed Hard Rock with a rock solid seventies groove should check out this EP.


  1. Amaze-O
  2. Marvellous
  3. Public School 75
  4. A Taste of Platinum

Label: The Sign Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: January 24th, 2020



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