CD review SLEEP TOKEN ‘Sundowning’

Sleep Token is a project of Underground musicians. It’s nowhere mentioned who stands behind the project that’s driven by ‘Vessel’. What can be said though is that the music is quite diverse. Complexity, sound-layers, Pop, Rock and Djent-like guitars, all is present on ‘Sundowning’.

Sleep Token creates a pretty interesting sound out of all these influences and genres. On the one hand there are calm and almost fragile moments on the album, amplified with hypnotic vocals while there are moments too, like on ‘The Offering’, where the sound explodes and reminds, in a wider sense, of Rage Against The Machine. ‘Levitate’ is next and reflects a total different picture. The very soulful song starts with piano and vocals before it evolves to a rhythmic Rock song in the middle section.

Sleep Token plays with the elements of peacful calmness and heavy sound eruptions and they do it in way that it creates excitement rather than being two separate streams. The guys found the right formula that keeps things together in good fashion.

‘Sundowning’ isn’t an album for headbangers and riff-enthusists. It’s a record that allows you to escape from the hectic of daily live, diving into a world of layered sounds that transport feel and emotion, disrupted by some brutal moments like ‘Gods’.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Night Does Not Belong to God
  2. The Offering
  3. Levitate
  4. Dark Signs
  5. Higher
  6. Take Aim
  7. Give
  8. Gods
  9. Sugar
  10. Say That You Will
  11. Drag Me Under
  12. Blood Sport

Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: November 22nd, 2019



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