Live report U.D.O. & AMALGAMA, P60, Amstelveen – 11.12.2019

After having focused on Dirkschneider for a much longer period than originally expected German Metal pioneer Udo Dirkschneider pays much more attention again on U.D.O. One and a half years ago the iconic singer and band released with ‘Steelfactory’ a new album.

Before Dirkschneider and band mates start their ‘steel production’ Amalgama does its best to warm-up everybody at P60. To be honest, I haven’t heard of the Russian Metal outfit before and also finding some of the songs online, as a preparation for the show, wasn’t an easy thing. So let’s be surprised. Amalgama is very much into traditional Metal and in this sense fits very well to U.D.O.. Amalgama tries hard to win over Dutch metalheads with a show that includes a lot of gimmicks, including a hyper-energetic evil clown. What is on the short side though is the music. Let’s say, it’s pretty basic and what’s probably remembered most is the Clown with keyboards and Whiskey bottle. Since nearly everybody came to see U.D.O. the final song, actually ‘Highway to Hell’ from AC/DC, doesn’t come too early and after 45 minutes of Amalgama everybody was looking forward to some razorblade sharp riff from Solingen.


It’s time for the ‘steel factory’ with its ‘CEO’ Mr. Dirkschneider to present their metallic offer. After steam, smoke and red alarm light in the factory two songs from the latest album being in the lead-off position of tonights setlist. ‘Tongue Reaper’ and ‘Make it Move’ get the musical cogwheels going, being the start of a show that features all eras of U.D.O.. ‘Make it Move’ literally makes everybody at P60 move and the ‘steel factory’ is on full steam right away. Literally it’s full steam, since a lot of it is produced during the one-and-a-half hour show.

Udo Dirkschneider is in an excellent mood tonight, enjoying being on stage again with his own U.D.O. songs. Early classics like ‘Animal House’ and ‘They Want War’ are a glorious reminder of the first steps of U.D.O. after having parted ways with Accept. But the setlist doesn’t look only back in time. It’s the current ‘Steelfactory’ album that’s with five songs in total a substantial part of the show, combined with hits out of more than 30 years of Metal from Solingen. ‘Break the Rules’ and ‘Vendetta’ are just two of these smashing Metal tracks, reflecting Heavy Metal at its best.

Of course there are solo parts, belonging to a real metal show. Also tonight each of the band members get enough space for a solo and since they are well-executed and not too long, they don’t break the flow and good vibe at P60.

Although Accept songs are classics in Metal it’s a pleasure to only listen to U.D.O. tracks tonight and the crowd seems to have a similar thinking. Not having heard these songs live for a longer time seamed to increase the appetite, resulting in a concert that shows why Udo Dirkschneider is such an important player in Heavy Metal. This guy breathes Heavy Metal and has steel in his veins, good prerequisites to keep the ‘steel factory’ in steam for a long time.


Setlist U.D.O.

  1. Tongue Reaper
  2. Make the Move
  3. Pain
  4. The Wrong Side of Midnight
  5. Metal Machine
  6. Independence Day
  7. Rose in the Desert
  8. Vendetta
  9. Rising High
  10. In the Darkness
  11. I Give as Good as I Get
  12. Timebombs
  13. Hungry and Angry
  14. One Heart One Soul
  15. Man and Machine
  16. They Want War
  17. Break the Rules
  18. Animal House

Location: P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Date: December 11th, 2019

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