CD review SENTIENT HORROR ‘Morbid Realms’

If a band can win over someone like Dan Swanö for mastering and mix of an album their songs can’t be bad. A band that has those strong songs in their repertoire is Sentient Horror from the US East-coast.

The trio premiered in 2016 with an album named ‘Ungodly Forms’. Three years later the anticipated next longplayer arrives at the record stores. The sophomore album is entitled ‘Morbid Realms’ and it carries ten crushing Death Metal songs.

‘Morbid Realms’ stands for oldschool Death Metal with a strong link to Swedish genre pioneers like Dismember and Entombed. Although not being equipped with a revolutionary new sound it’s the raging power of each of the songs that gives the album the needed extra.

Midtempo and high speed are in a constant interaction on ‘Morbid Realms’ and especially the moderate paced sections could lead to severe neckache due to intense headbanging. Songs like ‘Call of Ancient Gods’ and the title track include these parts, being certainly highlights on the album.

But the trio can also shift gears. ‘Ripped From Hell’ is with a bit more than two minutes not an an epical long track and still has all ingredients embedded that are needed for a good Death Metal track. Raging vocals, down-tuned guitars, blistering leads and a merciless tempo, that’s what defines this tune. No frills, just thrills. ‘Loss of Existence’ comes next and picks up the pattern of the previous smasher and ‘Black Wings of Delirium’ belongs to the ruthless neck challengers also.

Sentient Horror, driven by their mainman Matt Moliti, adds with ‘Morbid Realms’ a very well-done second album to their offer. Fans of Swedish Death Metal from the late ’80s/early ’90s should check out ‘Morbid Realms’. There is a big chance that you will like what gets out of the speakers.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Call of Ancient Gods
  2. Bound to Madness
  3. Sworn to the Dead
  4. Reanimated
  5. Ripped From Hell
  6. Loss of Existence
  7. Black Wings of Delirium
  8. Obsessive Killing Disorder
  9. Morbid Realms
  10. Cemetery Slaughter

Label: Testimony Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 29th, 2019


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