CD review BLOOD EAGLE ‘To Ride in Blood & Bathe in Greed – Part III’ (EP)

And now it’s available, part III of the ‘To Ride in Blood & Bathe in Greed’ – trilogy. What had a starting point in 2013 when former members of Volbeat, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Rauncht and Illdisposed started a three EP including streak wasn’t the plan. But things shifted after the release could score some very positive reactions.

Blood Eagle is a group of Danish Metal veterans that follows their passion for extreme Metal based on a strong Death Metal foundation. A collaboration with Nuclear Blast helped the quintet to gain speed and the first EP got a companion some months ago. Now it’s part III that makes the eagle spreading its wings again. A next triple of songs is what the new EP delivers and they are fully in line with the earlier ones. Raw and brutal, these are adjectives that describes Blood Eagle’s music very well. Build on the musical inspiration provided by bands like Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower it’s the combination of Death Metal, Grind and Punk that gives the release its anarchic power.

This EP definitely carries music from the eagle and not from a nightingale for sure.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. A Life That Rots Away
  2. Worship the Wolf
  3. Wall of Hate

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 22nd, 2019



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