CD review LIONHEART ‘Valley of Death’

Since I have more of a Metal background the first association with a band named Lionheart is the UK Hard Rock outfit. This time though it’s not about Hard Rock, it’s about Hardcore. Lionheart, that’s also the moniker of an Oakland-based Hardcore band that’s around since 2007.

Lionheart’s discography begins with an EP entitled ‘This Means War’ that came out in 2006 and thirteen years later the quintet releases their sixth studio album. I don’t want to call the release a longplayer, since playing time isn’t log. With 25 minutes it is actually rather short while still featuring 10 songs.

Now, quantity is one thing and quality is another. Better to have a condensed of spot-on songs than a lengthy longplayer that loses excitement latest at half-time. Lionheart has chosen for the first approach. The Californian Hardcore powerhouse goes full steam when it comes to ‘Valley of Death’. It’s a wowing combination of Metal and Hardcore being the melting pot with ten songs being the glorious result.

Lionheart and their music reminds me of bands like Hatebreed. Song like the forceful ‘For the Record’ comes with the same punch than what we are used to from Hatebreed. ‘When I Get Out’ is another song that’s worth to explore. Very beat-driven the track puts drums into focus. It’s a hard-hitting song on ‘Valley of Death’ you shouldn’t miss.

It’s the title track that opens the album. ‘Valley of Death’, the songs, is an aggressive blast with angry vocals and a strong groove. ‘Valley of Death’ is the perfect name-giver for the album and a musical heavyweight.

Like mentioned, things end far too early with ‘Dragging Heaven’. The closer sounds tight and heavy, equipped with a lot of grooving riffpower. Lionheart’s newest musical onslaught is a good one. Boiled down to the essence each of the songs is a wild ride, starting with the first song slamming out of the speakers to the last note fading away half an hour later. A Lion’s heart is usually beating strong and so does Lionheart.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Valley of Death
  2. Burn
  3. For The Record
  4. Rock Bottom (feat. Jesse Barnett)
  5. When I Get Out
  6. Born Feet First
  7. Stories From The Gutter
  8. Before I Wake (feat. Mr. Jet Black)
  9. In My Skin
  10. Dragging Heaven

Label: Arising Empire

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: November 15th, 2019



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