Live report DELAIN & ARKONA, Gruenspan, Hamburg – 01.12.2019

If I counted right it’s the fifth time I can witness a Delain show and it’s the first time for me, seeing them on stage outside The Netherlands. Was it always ‘home-game shows’ so far I joined the last times, it’s this December night that brings me to Gruenspan in Hamburg. The great location in St. Pauli hosts the Dutch symphonic powerhouse tonight and before Charlotte Wessels and band mates enter the stage it’s Arkona from Russia being the opener on this tour.

Delain and Arkona are label mates with both of them being signed to Napalm Records, Together with the fact that both bands have a female singer the number of similarities of both bands end right here. Arkona are into Pagan- and Folk Metal, a genre that doesn’t fit entirely to Delain’s Symphonic Metal. Therefore it isn’t a big surprise that some of the Delain fans are a bit distracted of what they get to hear and see from the Russian quintet. Arkona, that’s a mixture of Eluveitie, Myrkur and some Russian Folk, spiced up with of some melancholy. There are some fans in the room that obviously came for Arkona and some applause is also rewarding the effort of the band. However, another band with a sound closer to Delain’s, would have helped to get the temperature in the room even more.

Delain is a band that never disappoint and also tonight the Dutch powerhouse fires on all cylinders. After the usual intro the quintet enters the stage and start with ‚Invidia‘, taken from the ‘April Rain’ album, into their set. What follows is a bombastic and energetic Sunday night party. Of course, the old smashers like ‚Don‘t Let Go‘ and ‚We are the others’ are a safe bet with fans going wild. ‚Don‘t Let Go‘ is even supported by some big red and black balloons, animating metal fans to unleash their playfulness. Next to the hits it‘s the new songs that are the big extra tonight. With ‚One Second‘ a previously unveiled new song is delighting fans and what‘s even more exciting is ‚Burning Bridges‘ and ‚Let‘s Dance‘. Both will be part of the tracklist of the previously announced next album ‘Apocalypse and Chill‘ and are typical Delain smashers. Especially ‘Let‘s Dance‘ is a treat for your ears. Heavy riffing, catchy vocal-lines and great hooks create an extremely cool vibe. Charlotte Wessels motivates fans for a singalong in the chorus, fully trusting that Hamburg’s Metal fans can sing … and they can. The song was much appreciated and since the singalong is “Dance” rather efficient, the song will be most probably a fix part of future Delain shows. If ‘Combustion’, an instrumental with a focus on guitar and drums, is needed, I don’t know. It is well executed but also feels unnecessary. Maybe another song or too, like the missing’ Suckerpunch’, would have been a better option. However, Delain rocks Hamburg and provided a great way to finishing off a grey December weekend.

Setlist Delain

  1. Invidia
  2. April Rain
  3. The Glory and the Scum
  4. Get the Devil Out of Me
  5. Burning Bridges
  6. The Hurricane
  7. Master of Destiny
  8. Here Comes the Vultures
  9. Let’s Dance
  10. One Second
  11. Combustion
  12. Hands of Gold
  13. Not Enough
  14. Don’t Let Go
  15. The Gathering
  16. Fire With Fire
  17. We Are the Others

Location: Gruenspan, Hamburg, Germany

Date: December 1st, 2019

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