CD review RUNNING WILD ‘Crossing the Blades’ – EP

Hamburg-based Metal pirates Running Wild are sailing the oceans of Rock since four decades. With Rock’n’Rolf at the helm the band went through stormy waters as well as they navigated around the reefs of life too.

Undoubtetly Running Wild is Rock’n’Rolf. He’s the captain of Hamburgs Metal pirates and the driving force behind the band. Some years ago he found with Peter Jordan (g) a partner on crime and the crew gets completed by two new members. Ole Hempelmann (b) and Michael Wolpers (d) joined this year and the quartet is prepared to embark on a new trip in Metal.

A next album is scheduled for 2020 and to bridge the waiting time the quartet decided to release an EP right before Christmas. Three years after ‘Rapid Foray’ has been released, the four track EP brings back Running in Wild with full force.

The title track kick-off the EP, a typical Running Wild anthem that will be on the album too. However, the EP version will be unique since the album will carry a totally different version with some twists. Let’s stay curious.

Track number two is new and not. ‘Stargazed’ has been presented at W:O:A 2018. The moderate paced track combines powerful riffing and a great chorus, showcasing the band in good shape and form.

The fact that Kiss brought Rock’n’Rolf to Metal is the background for the cover version of ‘Strutter’. Running Wild’s interpretation is surprisingly good. Adding a bit of Running Wild to the timeless Kiss classic works very well and we can conclude that the cover version is felicitous homage to the legends in Rock.

‘Ride on the Wild Side’ is the final track on this release and comes with a solid Hard Rock touch. The pounding track is a good one although the other three songs on this EP are better.

‘Crossing the Blades’ is a sign of life when it comes to Running Wild. Especially the first two songs are real appetizer when it comes to a next full-length album. It seems like Running Wild sails close to the wind again.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Crossing the Blades
  2. Stargazed
  3. Strutter
  4. Ride on the Wild Side

Label: Steamhammer

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: December 6th, 2019



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