CD review AVATARIUM ‘The Fire I Long For’

The moment Avatarium unveiled the ‘Moonhorse’-EP it was clear to metalheads that an important new player entered the fields of Rock. Since then the Swedish powerhouse is on a winning streak with three excellent longplayers being on their list of achievements.

Two years after ‘Hurricanes and Halos’ hit the record stores it’s with ‘The Fire I Long For’ a next highlight Marcus Jidell and band mates add to their discography.

‘The Fire I Lon For’ is the title of the newest Avatarium record, an album that comprises of a nine songs tracklist. The change(s) the band went through and still goes through is based on Leif Edling stepping back more and more. The veteran of Swedish Doom Metal contributed to thee of the nine songs of the album. This means a shift of song-writing responsibilities towards guitarist Marcus Jidell and singer Jennie-Ann Smith. And in addition it’s the first time that a new drummer worked with Avatarium. It’s Andreas Johansson (The Doomsday Kingdom) that gave the album its heartbeat.

With having all this in mind ”The Fire I Long For’ still reflects 100% Avatarium. The band achieved their own signature sound with Jennie-Ann vocals being an important part of. Avatarium never stick to a specific genre only. It’s a wider spectrum of influences that manifests itself in each of the songs. In general though I had to think more than once of the later Black Sabbath and Dio while listening to this longplayer.

The album leads off with two songs that have been revealed already. The slower-paced ‘Voices’ marks a perfect start into the album before ‘Rubicon’ puts a spell on you with its hypnotic beat. Both songs spread a dark vibe throughout and fit perfectly to the grey November days.

‘Lay Me Down’ is a counterpart to the heavy start into the album. The songs calmer and an emotional highlight on ‘The Fire I Long For’. Jennie-Ann’s vocals are the centerpiece of this stately tune that has a lot of depth. Another song of this kind is the closer ‘Stars They Move’. With all the fragility embedded the song’s a touching closure of a very well-crafted album.

But before you reach this point your journey through this album brought you to the dynamic and powerful ‘Shake the Demon’, the intense ‘Great Beyond’ and stellar title track. Each of these tunes is a little highlight in itself and unveils more details each time you listen to it.

‘The Fire I Long For’ is the anticipated next big shot for Avatarium.The Swedish powerhouse enters step by step a new age as a band, still sticking to their roots and musical heritage. If you like Avatarium you will love ‘The Fire I Long For’.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Voices
  2. Rubicon
  3. Lay Me Down
  4. Porcelain Skull
  5. Shake That Demon
  6. Great Beyond
  7. The Fire I Long For
  8. Epitaph Of Heroes
  9. Stars They Move

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: November 22nd, 2019



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