Live report ELUVEITIE, LACUNA COIL & INFECTED RAIN, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht – 17.11.2019

As so often in life it’s about making choices. On a Sunday night with Devin Townsend playing in Tilburg and Eluveitie and Lacuna Coil having a stop at TivoliVredenburg it’s not easy to decide where to go to. After some weighting MHMB is present in Utrecht, witnessing a pretty diverse tour package that covers everything from Folk Metal, to Modern Metal(core) and Nu Metal.

Nu Metal(core) is the starting point tonight and it’s provided by Moldavian metallers of Infected Rain. The quintet starts with ‚Mold‘ pretty powerful in their 35 minutes set. What increases the energetic lead-off set is the fact of guitarist Seriy being back, doubling the guitar power tonight. Constantly motivated by singer Lena Scissorhand the crowd wakes up rather quickly with some first clapping hands bringing a good vibe to Ronda, the second biggest room at TivoliVredenburg. Last but not least the first circle pit starts with ‘Sweet, Sweet Lies’, smashed into room by the Moldavian powerhouse. With Lena Scissorhand singing/shouting the last part of the song from the photopit, right in front of fans, a well-done opening set ends and increases appetite for the coming bands.

Stage rebuild and lights out for Lacuna Coil. After having played a ‘The 119 Show’ in Leiden twelve months ago the Italian Modern Metal icons return on a Dutch stage. The newest release ‘Black Anima’ and the previous ‘Delirium’ provide most of the songs of this 55 minutes show. Having a look at shirts you can see in the audience clarifies that a lot of guys come for the Italian grove metallers and therefor it’s not a surprise that the temperature at TivoliVredenburg rises rather quickly. With ‘Blood, Tears, Dust’ it’s one of the more recent songs that opens the show, followed by ‘Our Truth’, a real classic. During the show Lacuna Coil goes even further back in time. 2002 was the year of ‘Comalies’ and ‘Heaven’s a Lie’ is a very welcomed song of this early stage of the band. It seems there are a lot of oldschool Lacuna Coil fans in the room who really appreciate the power provided by this smasher. Furthermore it’s the Depeche Mode cover ‘Enjoy the Silence’ that shows how loud silence can be. The end of this set comes far too early and it’s ’Nothing Stands in Our Way’ being the well-chosen closer. Cristina Scabbia introduces the song with the message of “We Fear Nothing” and the crowd responds right away with “We Fear Nothing” shout. The only things that mars the generally very positive vibe is the sound that could have been more balanced. Besides that Lacuna Coil shows again why they belong to the speardhead of Modern Metal with a great show.

As it gets fuller in the room and it gets fuller on stage too. Already during the stage rebuilt half of the podium is covered by a big grey curtain. The moment the light goes out it’s the projection of the Eluveitie symbol that enlights the curtain while three white dressed girls introduces the band. It’s a strong visual start of a show that is very agile and dynamic. With nine musicians on stage Evuleitie has a lot of firepower when it comes to density and sound, both being strong elements in the Ronda room tonight. Of course it is the new ‘Ategnatos’ album being the centerpiece of the show with the title track leading off a 90 minutes set. In front of euphoric fans Eluveitie can also win over fans that came for Lacuna Coil. Some first crowdsurfing starts quite early in the show and there is quite some movement in the crowd too, including a smaller pit. Hard-hitting Folk Metal songs are equally welcomed as calmer moment of which Fabienne Erni touching performance of ‘Artio’ is one of.  Eluveitie is very much about music and the moments of bandleader Chrigel Glanzmann talking to the crowd are limited. The positive effect though is a great vibe in the room that was only cooled down during the drum solo. Let’s take this as a moment to to take a deep breath before Eluveitie fans have with ‘Havoc’ a next chance to swing their inflatable battle axes. The nine-piece band from Switzerland is one of the leaders in Folk Metal and they underlined it tonight with a strong performance. ‘Inis Mona’ and the following outro releases metalheads releases into the crispy night in Utrecht, being satisfied with what they could witness during the previous four hours.

Setlist Eluveitie

  1. Ategnatos
  2. King
  3. De Ruef vo de Bärge
  4. Deathwalker
  5. Quoth the Raven
  6. The Slumber
  7. Worship
  8. Artio
  9. Epona
  10. A Rose for Epona
  11. Thousandfold
  12. Ambiramus
  13. Drum Solo
  14. Havoc
  15. Kingdom Come Undone
  16. Breathe
  17. Helvetios
  18. Rebirth
  19. Inis Mona

Setlist Lacuna Coil

  1. Blood, Tears, Dust
  2. Our Truth
  3. Layers of Time
  4. My Demons
  5. Reckless
  6. Enjoy the Silence
  7. The House of Shame
  8. Sword of Anger
  9. Heaven’s a Lie
  10. Veneficium
  11. Nothing Stands in Our Way

Setlist Infected Rain

  1. Mold
  2. Passerby
  3. Orphan Soul
  4. Lure
  5. Black Gold
  6. The Earth Mantra
  7. Sweet, Sweet Lies

Location: TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: November 17th, 2019

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