CD review LEAVES’ EYE ‘Black Butterfly’

The ‘Black Butterfly’ spreads its wings right before Christmas with Leaves’ Eye unleashes their new EP, entitled ‘Black Butterfly’.

Four songs is what this release includes, symphonic tunes with a dark touch. The title track leads off things, a melodic metal songs that carries a lot of bombast. After having been part of the ‘Sign of the Dragonhead’ album it’s this EP that includes again vocals by Elina Siirala. Liv Kristine left a real gap after she left bu the Finnish singer starts to fill it. Siirala does a heck of a job and reminds in parts of Tarja, not only due to roots on Finland.

The EP comes with two more songs. ‘Serkland’ and ‘Nights of the Raven’ both include the typical Leaves’ Eye trademarks. Heavy riffs, big soundscapes, soulful female vocals with Alex Krull’s growls as a counterpart. In that sense there isn’t that much new and still, the songs on this EP are great to listen to, especially since melodies and hooks are really well-done.

If a Leaves’ Eye version of ‘Stille Nacht’ (the German version of ‘Silent Night’) was needed is arguable. Although well-done the Christmas carol doesn’t fit into the context of this EP and feels misplaced. All in all, three well-crafted new songs and a Christmas carol nobody asked for is the offer of this delivery. Still worth to check it out.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Black Butterfly
  2. Serkland
  3. Night of the Ravens
  4. Stille Nacht

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: November 22nd, 2019



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