CD review AGNOSTIC FRONT ‘Get Loud!’

(8/10) In case you start to think about having seen this artwork already earlier you might be right. At least there’s a pretty similar artwork out there that comes with Agnostic Front’s second album ‘Cause For Alarm’. It was Sean Taggert how did the front cover of the album and the NY-based Hardcore veterans worked together with Taggart for their 12th longplayer ‘Get Loud!’ too. And it’s more than the visuals only that bridges to the earlier days.

Although times changed over the last 23 years things didn’t get better, at least on a very general level, thinking about the political and social situation of society. Take ‘Divide and Conquer’ as an example. It’s a song addressing the political leaders dividing people, just for coming in and taking over. Something you can daily recognize.

Agnostic Front was and is a band that always had something to say. Roger Miret and bandmates always speak up and they are firm believers in change not happening just by itself. You have to speak up. Get loud. The new longplayer reflects this mindset with 100%, being even entitled ‘Get Loud!’.

As not expected different the quintet gets loud. Raging Hardcore is what the 14 songs deliver. This album fires on all cylinders with songs that are short and spot-on. The Hardcore hymns on ‘Get Loud!’ are boiled down to the essence and go without any unnecessary baggage. ‘Anti Social’ is such a track. A bit more than a minute is enough for this smasher to become a musical wrecking ball.

The amazing thing with ‘Get Loud!’is the fact that New York Hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front didn’t get silent. In contrary. ‘Get Loud!’ isn’t only the title of their new album, the guys are loud and will be heard, for sure.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


01. Spray Painted Walls
02. Anti-Social
03. Get Loud!
04. Conquer And Divide
05. I Remember
06. Dead Silence
07. AF Stomp
08. Urban Decay
09. Snitches Get Stitches
10. Isolated
11. In My Blood
12. Attention
13. Pull The Trigger
14. Devastated

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: November 8th, 2019



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