CD review ANGEL WITCH ‘Angel of Light’

(8/10) Listening to Angel Witch is like inhaling a solid dose of NWoBHM spirit with every note played. The Heavy Metal pioneers from the UK belong to the icons in Heavy Metal. Although not having released a tremendous amount of longplayers the guys became legends with the name of Angel Witch being known by every serious metalhead.

Angel Witch released three longplayers in the ’80s before line-up changes and time-outs slowed down band activities and partly even stopped them entirely. 16 years without a new Angel Witch album passed by before mainman Kevin Heybourne blew in new life into the band, awakening the ‘witch’ to new life with ‘As Above, So Below’.

It took another seven years for fans before verybody can welcome some new material and here it is, almost as an early Christmas Gift. ‘Angel of Light’ leaves darkness on November 1st and marks a next glorious return of the masters of traditional Heavy Metal.

Eight new songs are a metallic delight for metalheads, tunes of great quality. ‘Don’t Turn Your Back’ is the starting point of this 48 minutes trip through the beauty of Heavy Metal. ‘Death from Andromeda’ is next, a hymn with a galloping rhythm, leading to ‘We are Damned’. The songs is slightly more complex while the chorus sticks right away to your mind. ‘Condemned’ is a straight forward headbanger with a great melody, followed by the epic ‘Window of Despair’ with a powerful beat and well-executed leads.

Another great moment on the album is the seven minutes epos ‘The Night is Calling’. Half acoustic and equipped with excellent riffs the song is a masterpiece. Not only that Heybourne enriches also this anthem with his great guitar play, also vocals are superb. This song’s a wow-moment for sure.

The same goes for the closer. The title track finishes off an album that brings together the spirit of the ’80s and the sounds of the 21st century. Angel Witch, that’s oldschool Metal. However, it isn’t outdated nor it carries a thick layer of dust. In contrary. The quartet delivers a dynamic and agile longplayer, a carrier of songs that are certainly not off-the-shelf. Drop the needle and enjoy.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Don’t Turn Your Back
  2. Death From Andromeda
  3. We are Damned
  4. The Night is Calling
  5. Condemned
  6. Window of Despair
  7. I am Infamy
  8. Angel of Light

Label: Metal Blade Refords

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 1st, 2019



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