CD review NÓWFRAGO ‘Now in Common’

(7/10) nówfrago is the brainchild of Swiss songwriter Matthias Gunsch who started the band together some musically like-minded guys a band that releases with ‘Now in Common’ an album that doesn’t really fit the demand metalheads. However, the guys wrote and recorded some interesting music that can be described as a twisted pop/rock sound combined with some singer songwriter notes.

The Nowist and Flaming Lips are bands that come to your mind, listening to this album.

‘Now in Common’ contains music, nine songs to be precise, that isn’t light-hearted. It’s a heavy weight on a human soul that swings with each of these tunes. Although being the opposite of riff massacres songs like the hypnotic ‘Then the Pawn’ spread a certain fascination that can’t be denied.

‘Now in Common’ is an album that comes from the heart and speaks to you brain. Musical finesse is a strong element of this album and it’s the intellectual depth, which makes nówfrago’s album to a challenging piece of music that needs more than one spin to unfold the entire palette of ingredients. If you would like to challenge your musical frames it’s ‘Now in Common’ being the album that delivers the music to this endeavor.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Days in Everywhere
  2. A Place to Hide
  3. This is How I Feel
  4. Our Life as Sunset
  5. No Surrender
  6. Then the Pawn
  7. On Common Griund
  8. Uo is the New Down
  9. Fredens Ni Live

Label: Recordjet

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: October 18th, 2019



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