CD review WAYWARD SONS ‘The truth Ain’t What it Used to Be’

(8/10) Frontiers Music has some really intersting releases to offer in the month of October and here’s another one. Wayward Sons’ newest longplayer ‘The truth Ain’t What it Used to Be’, a full-blooded Rock album, is the prefect fusion of Hard Rock, Blues and Classic Rock.

The strongly grooving opener marks a perfect starting point. The song carries you along right away and it’s impossible to stand still if your feet aren’t cemented in the ground. Furthermore ‘As Black As Sin’ that successfully manages the task to continue this great Rock’n’roll story that also includes some calmer tones.

There are moment when legendary Queen impacted the sound of Wayward Sons. ‘Little White Lies’ has some of these influences and the piano ballad ‘Fade Away’ includes them also. Not that the influences are very dominant, sometimes it’s just the way a solo is done or the piano adds to the mix.

What all songs have in common is a cool vibe. ‘Long Line of Pretenders’ is another example for it and the hot ‘Punchline’ is tune reflecting well-crafted Hard Rock songs.

‘The truth Ain’t What it Used to Be’ is an authentic and passionate Rock album with Classic Rock from the ’70s kissing Hard Rock from the ’80s. An album to fall in love with.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Any Other Way
  2. As Black As Sin
  3. Joke’s On You
  4. Little White Lies
  5. Feel Good Hit
  6. Fade Away
  7. Have It Your Own Way
  8. Long Line Of Pretenders
  9. (If Only) God Was Real
  10. The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be
  11. Punchline
  12. Us Against The World 

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: October 11th, 2019



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