(8/10) Gotthard guitarist Leo Leoni is a restless mind with Rock’n’roll being the fuel. A lot of his time and energy are channeled towards Gotthard, the main band. Next to the mothership Leoni was part of the 2018 Rock Meets Classic tour and with CoreLeoni he has a rather new and still not new outfit in place.

The story of Gotthard is a successful one with many records being out in the market and successful tours that have been played too. Gotthard began as a Hard Rock band back in 1990 and overtime their sound shift more toward Rock that’s sometimes a bit harder. The shift was like changing gears in the sense of commercial success by reaching even more fans. The spirit of Rock’n’roll, which was the starting point went further to the back.

Many of these early Gotthard songs don’t make it anymore on Gotthard setlists and it was the guitarist from the Tessin that gave these hymns a new life. Some of these songs have been rerecorded in a Classic Rock spirit and supported by modern technical possibilities, leading to an album called ‘The Greatest Hits Part 1’. The album was received very well and successful shows acted as a motivator to continue this endeavor.

With ‘II’ a second longplayer will be released end of September, featuring songs like ‘Standing in the Light’ and ‘Mountain Mama’. ‘Make My Day’ comes originally from the ‘G’-album with the main focus being still on the first two longplayers. Each of these revitalized Gotthard anthems fires on all cylinders, a Hard Rock feast for sure. I’m tempted to say that these versions are better than the original.

However, what’s even more exciting is the fact that two new songs made it on the tracklist: ‘Queen of Hearts’ (strong Whitesnake vibe) and ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ are terrific Hard Rock tunes fueled by powerful chords, great vocals and a pumping rhythm section adding a lot of drive to these songs. Having listened to the tracks more than once brings up the question why there’s not more new material on the album. It can’t be a quality issue. Hopefully the next longplayer, if there will be one, is mainly about new songs, which would be exciting to listen to.

‘II’ is a great album, reflecting the early Gotthard spirit in a new context. Each of the songs rocks and has enough edge to distinguish itself from the originals. Please some more of it in the near future.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Waltz No. 2
  2. Standing in the Light
  3. Love for Money
  4. Open Fire
  5. Angel
  6. And Then Goodbye
  7. She Goes Down
  8. No Tomorrow
  9. I’m Your Travellin’ Man
  10.  Cheat and Hide
  11.  Make My Day
  12.  Mountain Mama
  13.  Queen of Hearts
  14.  Don’t Get Me Wrong
  15.  Boom Boom
  16.  Il Padrino

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: September 27th, 2019



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