CD review GOTTHARD ‘#13’

If a band releases 13 longplayers they must do something right. In case of Gotthard they probably did/do more than just one thing right with their new longplayer being one example. They handle the balancing act between hard and mainstream well, partly even too well. However, fans of solid Rock music will find some songs on the album they will like and so do Gotthard fans that are more related to mainstream.


(8/10) Gotthard guitarist Leo Leoni is a restless mind with Rock’n’roll being the fuel. A lot of his time and energy are channeled towards Gotthard, the main band. Next to the mothership Leoni was part of the 2018 Rock Meets Classic tour and with CoreLeoni he has a rather new and still not new outfit... Continue Reading →

GOTTHARD announces shows in Germany

Swiss hardrockers Gotthard announces some tour dates for Germany. UK-based Rock veterans Magnum will be the special guest and here are the dates: 16.04.   D   Frankfurt, Batschkapp17.04.   D   Regensburg, Airport18.04.   D   Balingen, Volksbankmesse20.04.   D   München, Tonhalle21.04.   D   Fürth, Stadthalle22.04.   D   Hamburg, Große Freiheit 3624.04.   D   Hannover, Capitol25.04.   D   Bremen, Pier II26.04.   D   Berlin, Tempodrom28.04.   D   Singen, Stadthalle29.04.   D   Köln, E-Werk30.04.   D   Saarbrücken, Garage

CD review GOTTHARD ‘Defrosted 2’

(8/10) Although Europe isn't fully covered by winterly frost, de-icing is available. It might help less outdoors, but what Gotthard adds to their musical offer is an album that's for sure heart-warming.  It was in 1997 when the Swiss-based rocker presented their soulful side with an album entitled 'D-Frosted'. After having released three hard rocking records... Continue Reading →

GOTTHARD announces ‘Defrosted 2’

21 years after having released 'Defrosted', Swiss hardrockers Gotthard announce a new a next unplugged compilation, entitled 'Defrosted 2'.  The album was recorded during the 'Defrosted Tour' earlier this year and features 24 songs, spread out over two CD's and here is the track-listing. Track-listing: CD 1: 01. Miss Me 02. Out On My Own... Continue Reading →

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