CD review GOTTHARD ‘Defrosted 2’

(8/10) Although Europe isn’t fully covered by winterly frost, de-icing is available. It might help less outdoors, but what Gotthard adds to their musical offer is an album that’s for sure heart-warming. 

It was in 1997 when the Swiss-based rocker presented their soulful side with an album entitled ‘D-Frosted’. After having released three hard rocking records Gotthard added an acoustic album to their discography, a record that became a huge success. 

21 years later Gotthard adds a part 2 to their ‘De-Frost-chapter’. As the 1997 release also Defrosted 2′ captures an acoustic live recording, done during Gotthard’s ‘Defrosted Tour’ in March 2018.

One might think about why going for part 2 while having already part 1? Well, there is enough new to discover on this new album. More than two decades mean a lot of changes and new albums/songs. The tracklist reflects this very well. Has it been the first albums that built the base for ‘D-Frosted’ it’s a much wider back-catalog to choose from nowadays Gotthard can chose from.

The touching version of ‘Miss Me’ acts as the opener to this acoustic journey. The song, taken from the latest studio album ‘Silver’, is a great start into ‘Defrosted 2’, an album that comes with many soulful moments. ‘Remember It’s Me’, ‘One Soul, One Life’ and ‘Heaven’ are emotional highlights on this live album, no doubt.

To spice things up Gotthard changes gears here and there. Although done in an acoustic setup tunes like ‘Bang’, the very rhythm-based version of ‘Hush’ and ‘Starlight’ really rock, not to forget ‘Lift U Up’, a smasher that can’t be missed in a Gotthard live show.

If all this is not enough the album also includes an acoustic cover version of Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’. The songs is fully re-arranged and sounds great in this acoustic version. It’s hard to imagine that this hymn could work with the iconic riff in the beginning, but it sure does. A brave experiment with a successful ending.

A song I also want to mention is ‘Bye Bye Caroline (feat. Francis Rossi)’. The party rocker is inspired by Status Quo’s ‘Caroline’ and it was Francis, Nic and Leo that spontaneously wrote the song while being together on the road with Rock Meets Classic. 

‘Defrosted 2’ is an album that’s more the merely a part 2 of something. It’s at least as good as the first chapter. I personally think it even better since it showcases a mature band that shows the entire spectrum of rock and emotions, summarized in 24 songs.



1. Miss Me 
2. Out On My Own 
3. Bang 
4. Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller 
5. Beautiful 
6. Feel What I Feel 6
7. Hush 
8. Remember It’s Me 
9. Stay With Me 
10. Tequila Symphony 
11. Mountain Mama 
12. Why 
13. C’est La Vie 
14. One Life One Soul 
15. Tell Me
16. Starlight 
17. Sister Moon 
18. Right On 
19. Lift U Up
20. Heaven 
21. Anytime, Anywhere 
22. Smoke On The Water 
23. Bye Bye Caroline feat. Francis Ross (radio edit) 
24. What I Wouldn’t Give (Acoustic Version) 

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: December 7th, 2018

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