CD review MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST ‘Revelation’

(8/10) If you dind’t live under a rock for the last decades the name Michael Schenker isn’t new to you. The legendary axeman was part of the Scorpions and UFO, not to forget the numerous solo releases. The newest adaption of Schenker solo albums is the Michael Schenker Fest, which ‘debuted’ in 2018 with ‘Resurrection’. A year later the next longplayer is shipped to the record stores – ‘Revelation’.

It doesn’t reveal to me why Schenker put ‘Rock Steady’ into the pole position. An opener usually sets very much the tone of voice for an album and ‘Rock Steady’ is certainly the weakest spot on this 13 songs comprising tracklist. It’s not more than just a nice track and it feels like the guys forgot to release the hand brake.

Fortunately things take another turn with ‘Under a Blood Red Sky’. The foot’s off the brake and tempo increases.  Schenker’s guitar delivers some powering riffs and furious leads while Doogie White’s vocals are spot on.

The anthemic ‘Sleeping With a Light On’ is another highlight, this time with Barden, Bonnet, McAuley and White sharing vocal duties. ‘The Beast in the Shadow’ shifts gears again, meaning the song belonging to the faster once on ‘Revelation’. 

‘Behind the Smile’ is light-hearted tune with Doogie White at the mic, followed by ‘Crazy Day’. The song doesn’t belong to the highlights on ‘Revelation’ and cools down things. The chorus just doesn’t work, something that’s totally different with the galloping Hard Rock smasher ‘Lead You Astray’. It’s a stellar track on this album with Robin McAuley being the singer. There is no way to not be fascinated by this Hard Rock hymn.

‘We Are the Voice’ fires on all cylinders too with excellent melodies, riffs, solos and a pushing rhythm section being the essence of this tune, the only one with Ronnie Romeo being ‘the voice’.

‘Old Man’ unveils the bluesy side of Michael Schenker Fest before ‘Still in the Fight’ pushes the pedal to the metal again. The Grande Finale of ‘Revelation’ is reserved for the maestro himself. ‘Ascension’ is an instrumental, a fast one. Michael Schenker shows again, why he belongs to the most influential guitarists in Rock. Accompanied by a massive rhythm line the axeman makes his guitar scream. Blazing fast solos parts interact with powerful riffing, all framed by an excellent sense for catchy melodies.

To sum up: ‘Resurrection’ was great album and ‘Revelation’ picks it up where the guys left off a year ago. The new longplayer of Michael Schenker and his team features well-crafted Hard Rock and it would have been even better if the weak spots would have been taken off the tracklist. Anyhow, ‘Revelation’ carries enough good stuff that’s very worth the investment.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Rock Steady
  2. Under A Blood Red Sky 
  3. Silent Again
  4. Sleeping With The Light On 
  5. The Beast In The Shadows 
  6. Behind The Smile
  7. Crazy Daze
  8. Lead You Astray
  9. We Are The Voice
  10. Headed For The Sun
  11. Old Man
  12. Still In The Fight
  13. Ascension

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: September 20th, 2019



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