CD review BAEST ‘Venenum’

(9/10) Danish heavyweight Baest is a rather new band. ‘The beast’ started in 2015 and premiered in 2018 with the acclaimed ‘Danse Macabre’. After having released the debut, the guys from Aarhus focused on touring activities, e.g. being the opener for Abbath. Being on the road and playing live brought the quintet even closer together and being well-attuned the guys went into the studio for working on the next strike from Denmark.

‘Venenum’ is a blast, no doubt. What started in an impressive fashion with the debut continues in an even better way with the new album. ’Venenum’ has its roots in Death Metal and it’s the nuances and love to detail that makes it to an outstanding release of a band that’s hungry.

It’s an ear-splitting scream that starts the album, followed by a raging opener entitled ‘Vitriol Lament’. It’s a brutal start into 45 minutes trip through ten songs. Savage riffing and high pace reflect a great beginning, followed by a song called ‘Gula’. Baest reduces speed dramatically. Ten ton hammer riffs dominate the scene, rolling over everything that’s in the way.

With ‘Nihil’ the quintet added a six minutes monster to the tracklist, fueled by Slayer-esque leads and a slower pace. Well-placed breaks help to keep tension and attention high throughout this cornerstone on ‘Venenum’.

‘Styx’ adds a next element to this longplayer. It’s an acoustic interlude that breaks the pattern of loud and roar. It’s a short and peaceful moment abrupt ending the moment ‘Heresy’ starts, another highlight on this album.

The reason why ‘Venenum’ blossoms in black is the variety of elements, all leading to a unique Death Metal experience for fans. Baest doesn’t even consider a cookie cutter approach and songs aren’t of the shelve either. The band creates a sonic maelstrom that drags you into eternal darkness and you enjoy it.

With having so much terrific own material in place it surprises a bit that the guys end the album with a cover song. ‘No Guts, No Glory, originally by Bolt Thrower, got a revamp while keeping the power the British veterans added to their song. The song’s a good ending, but again, Baest has great own material in place to not having to rely on covers.

Baest gives 100%, regardless if on stage or at the studio. ‘Venenum’ reflects this approach very well with the quintet managing to get the energy of their live shows also embedded into a studio album. ‘Venenum’ is a terrific next step for the guys from Aarhus and it’s very obvious that these guys came to stay.



  1. Vitriol Lament
  2. Gula
  3. Nihil
  4. Venenum
  5. Styx
  6. Heresy
  7. As Above so Below
  8. Sodomized
  9. Empty Throne
  10. No Guts, No Glory (Bolt Thrower cover)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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