CD review BLACK STAR RIDERS ‘Another State of Grace’

(8/10) It feels like Black Star Riders are around since decades but it was December 2012 when the band started their acitivties including a debut one year later.

The reason why Black Star Riders are such a strong contributor in Rock is because of the history. The band is the modern version of legendary Thin Lizzy and that’s where the roots are. Up until now Black Star Riders released three album, all acclaimed by fans and media. The guys could win over new fans with every new longplayer and chart entries have been the logical consequence. Now it’s up to album number four to keep the winning streak alive.

‘Another State of Grace’ is the title of anticipated new album and it hits bulls eyes. The band had to face line-up changes with drummer Chad Szeliga joining in 2017 and recently Christian Martucci was announced as second guitarist. It feels like these changes added some extra dynamic to Black Star Rider’s music.

Deeply rooted in the Thin Lizzy sound the quintet releases an album that doens’t face any weak or bad song and you certainly don’t need to use the ‘Skip’-button on your player. It’s the ‘Repeat’-button instead since songs like ‘Soldiers in the Ghetto’ and the firing ‘What Will it Take’ are songs you just want to listen to over and over again.

Personal and political topics are addressed in songs like ‘Why Do You Love Your Gun’, another Hard Rock hymn per excellence. Furthermore a NWoBHM vibe is embedded in the title track with some Maiden-like guitar melodies and it’s the strong beat of ‘In the Shadow of the War Machine’ that shakes you awake.

There is no doubt about ‘Another State of Grace’ being a next highlight in Black Star Rider’s discography. Gorham, Warwick and bandmates unveil another hard rocking pearl, an album that combines past and present to a something special.



  1. Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down 
  2. Another State Of Grace
  3. Ain’t The End Of The World
  4. Underneath The Afterglow
  5. Soldier In The Ghetto
  6. Why Do You Love Your Guns?
  7. Standing In The Line Of Fire
  8. What Will It Take?
  9. In The Shadow Of The War Machine 
  10. Poisoned Heart

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2019



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