CD review ATLANTEAN KODEX ‘The Course of Empire’

(10/10) One of the best Epic Metal bands these days is without any doubt Atlantean Kodex, hailing from Bavaria. The quintet from Vilseck started their journey in 2005 and it’s not more than two records they have on their track record. These two longplayers though show the potential that comes with the band, milestone releases in the fields of epic Doom Metal.

The critically acclaimed debut ‘The Golden Bough’ was the springboard for becoming one of the hottest Epic Metal bands in the ‘2000s. The sophomore album ‘The White Goddess’ followed three years later and helped the band to establish their position in underground Metal.

A live album in 2017 bridged the waiting time for the third longplayer that will be available on September 13th. The five Bavarians pick it up where they left off with the previous record.

‘The Course of Empire’ is a Gesamtkunstwerk. Although each of the songs, regardless if short or long, is a composition in itself it is the entire album that is a cornerstone in Epic Metal. In an seamless way songs follow each other on the album, supporting a flow that puts a spell on the listener. Therefor it’s almost a mission impossible to pick some songs for lasering in on them. Too good is each of the ten tunes.

Wherever you drop the needle the reward will be excellent Metal. A dense sound, twin guitars and big soundscapes are key elements, not to forget the fantastic vocals by Markus Becker. It’s his vocals that helps to make this release to a jaw-dropping one. Bands like Bathory and the early Manowar might have delivered the blueprint that’s picked up by Atlantean Kodex. But instead of just copy & paste the quintet takes things further to a next level. ‘The Course of Empire’ contains cinematic music that asks for and also deserves attention. Every new round of listening to the album unveils new little details, being a treat for ears and mind.

While another band talk (guess you know what I mean), these guys from Bavaria play and the do it in great fashion. ‘The Course of Empire’ is the anticipated next masterpiece and another step for Atlantean Kodex to establish their position in Epic Metal. An album with a wow-factor.



  1. The Alpha And The Occident (Rising From Atlantean Tombs)
  2. People Of The Moon (Dawn Of Creation)
  3. Lion Of Chaldea (The Heroes’ Journey)
  4. Chariots (Descending From Zagros)
  5. The Innermost Light (Sensus Fidei)
  6. A Secret Byzantium (Numbered As Sand And The Stars)
  7. He Who Walks Behind The Years (The Place Of Sounding Drums)
  8. Spell Of The Western Sea (Among Wolves And Thieves)
  9. The Course Of Empire (All Thrones in Earth And Heaven) –
  10. Die Welt von gestern (Abendland)

Label: Van Records

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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