CD review RYKER’S ‘The Beginning … Doesn’t Know the End’

(8/10) Fusel, Steve, Flo, Dennis and Chris, also known as Ryker’s are longtime Hardcore experts and ‘The Beginning…Doesn’t Know the End’ is already their tenth album. Equipped with an excellent sound, done by Andy Classen, the quintet gets with ‘Let’s Ruin the Scene’ out of the boxes extremely well. Gang-shouts and solid groove, combined with aggressive vocals, unfold the magic that finds with ‘Losing Touch’ a merciless continuation.

‘Cast in Stone’ shows a bit more of the Metal influences and it’s a solid bass-line that starts the title track. ‘The Beginning…Doesn’t Know the End’ is a brutal hardcore anthem, inspired by bands like Agnostic Front. Some Punk breaks through with ‘No Matter What’ and it’s ‘Cold Lost Sick’ that marks a break in the batting order. All of a sudden an acoustic song with female vocals provides some peace of mind with ‘Hard Pill to Swallow’ breaking the silence.

To sum up: German Hardcore veterans Ryker’s add with ‘The Beginning…Doesn’t Know the End’ a striking album to their offer. With workhorse-power the quintet delivers right to the money with songs that are fuelled by passion and dedication. Ryker’s doesn’t play Hardcore, they inhale Hardcore.



  1. Let’s Ruin the Scene
  2. Losing Touch
  3. Cast in Stone
  4. Dead End Street
  5. The Beginning … Doesn’t Know the End
  6. Old Passion
  7. Colleteral Damage
  8. No Matter What
  9. Overboard
  10. The Six Million Dollar band
  11. Cold Lost Sick
  12. Hard Pill to Swallow
  13. Bully Boy
  14. The Ed Justifies the Means
  15. Sightseeing in the Age of BBQ

Label: BDHW Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: May 31st, 2019



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