‘stone’ + ‘rock’ + ‘mountains’ = PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTER

Today I would like to introduce you to a band that I myself discovered by chance just a few days ago. The band is Plastic Surgery Disaster from Berchtesgaden, Germany. The name of this band is inspired by the album of the same name by the Dead Kennedys, even if the band follows a slightly different musical path.

With Plastic Surgery Disaster the words ‘stone’ and ‘rock’ are in the foreground and not only because stoner rock is the preferred genre of the guys.

‘Stones’, ‘rocks’ and ‘mountains’ are words that describe the band well, because the quintet has with Thomas Huber one of the world’s most famous extreme mountaineers in their midst. And even if stoner rock and the heat of the desert often go hand in hand, this formation adds an alpine touch to the term stoner rock. It shows that both, the desert and the mountains are hostile regions, which on the one hand have a never ending fascination and beauty, but on the other hand also bring the human being to its limits.

After the band has delivered with ‘Endless’ their debut album, the second release ‘Desire’ arrived in 2018 in the stores. To me, and perhaps to many of you, the album disappeared in the flow of new releases which is a pity, because the 12 songs on the longplayer have a lot to offer.

Plastic Surgery Disaster rock their way through the world of stoner rock for 47 minutes and do it exceptionally well. Comparisons with bands like Kyuss come up, at least as far as the basic sound is concerned.

Down-tuned guitars, a lot of groove and plenty of power are what distinguish the sound of the guys. It’s a roaring riff avalanche that rolls towards you. Just listen to the groovy title track. Also the bluesy ‘Mountain High’ spreads its charm, especially when the droning guitars kick in.

‘Core’ is speedier and the opener ‘Somewhere’ isn’t exactly slow either. In contrast, the somewhat bulky ‘Something Wrong’ is next which slowly digs into the subconscious.

So much about ‘Desire’. But if you also want to listen to a new song of the band, ‘Brothers & Sisters’ is recommended. The band released the song on the 1st of December last year, accompanying a book by Thomas Huber – ‘In den Bergen ist die Freiheit’. If you love stoner rock and are also fascinated by the uniqueness of the mountains, you should listen to Plastic Surgery Disaster. Rocking stoner rock from the mountains.

Band photo: Plastic Surgery Desire (Promo)

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