Review BEYOND THE BLACK ‘Beyond The Black’

Beyond The Black had a comet-like rise, with their first live show being nowhere else but at the legendary Wacken Open Air. This was in 2014, so even before Beyond The Black had a debut album on the market. To make something like this happen, one certainly needs influential promoters and while some bands have to slowly work their way up to the top leagues, Jennifer Haben and fellow musicians had a head start which also caused resentment.

Well, the commercial success should prove the band right. To date, the group has released four albums and all of them have entered the charts, three of them were even in the Top 10.

With the self-titled fifth album, Beyond The Black would like to build on what they have achieved so far and the record certainly has all it takes. Two and a half years after ‘Hørizøns’, a label change and a just finished co-headlining tour with Amaranthe, the new longplayer is released these days.

Ten new tracks will make the hearts of the fans beat faster as ‘Beyond The Black’ contains all the trademarks of the band – great melodies, a lot of dynamics and Haben’s very good voice.

Fans of the band will already know some of the tracks from the new album, as these were part of the previously mentioned 2022 tour. One of these songs is the opener ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’. The track is a snappy opener with a slightly gloomy mood.

The following ‘Reincarnation’ was also performed live and sparked a certain euphoria then as now. The calmer kept verses together with a few interwoven growls and a lot of catchiness, that’s what will make Beyond The Black fans happy.
With ‘Free Me’ the album has a song, which increases in the chorus to a real anthem.

‘Into the Light’ shows the more rocking side of Beyond The Black while ‘Dancing in the Dark’ invites you to sing along. The pumping ‘Raise Your Head’ also keeps you hooked, while the finale ‘I Remember Dying’ focuses on the softer tones. Even though a smashing final chord might have been the better option, ‘I Remember Dying’ definitely unfolds deeper strength without getting really loud.

Beyond The Black remain true to themselves and their sound. The band does not change anything in their recipe for success and if you consider the successes of the past, this is perfectly understandable. Nobody expects trend-setting innovation from Beyond The Black. Rather, it is hooks and melodies that attract the listener, even if you resist as much as you can. This album thrives on its melodies and a professionalism, things that characterize the band since 2014.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Is There Anybody Out There?
  2. Reincarnation            
  3. Free Me                     
  4. Winter Is Coming      
  5. Into the Light             
  6. Wide Awake              
  7. Dancing in the Dark  
  8. Raise Your Head                    
  9. Not in Our Name                   
  10. I Remember Dying

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2023




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