Review CONAN ‘Evidence of Immortality’

Conan are from Liverpool and have been wielding the musical wrecking ball since 2006. ‘Monnos’ was the debut album that got everything rolling in 2012 and since then they have become a pioneer when it comes to doom metal and sludge from the UK.

Conan, that’s Jon Davis, Chris Fielding and Johnny King. The energy and power that this trio brings to their songs is impressive. With ‘Evidence of Immortatlity’ the Englishmen add another capital to their so far flawless band history.

Conan don’t need many songs to fill an album and so this time there are six songs that made it to the band’s fifth album. Actually, the word ‘song’ falls too short. Conan have recorded brutal tracks that stomp like a mammoth over everything that comes their way. The three handle this heaviness in up to ten-minute doom bangers of which Conan puts one right at the beginning.

‘A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots’ is the impressive beginning of an album that is bursting with power. An extremely down-tuned guitar drones from the beginning and is something like the calling card for the album. With almost hypnotic tranquility this song rolls over you and makes you to let yourself be driven by the massiveness of the tune. Add to that the nonconformist voice of frontman Jon Davis which represents all the world-weariness.

Conan, however, do not always remain committed to the slow tempo. With ‘Ritual of Anonymity’ the guys shift up three gears. With, for Conan’s standards, almost frantic speed, this song is a blast – relentless and merciless.

To close the album Conan have provided another monolith. ‘Grief Sequence’ is the title of the final epic which with 14 minutes belongs to the milestones of the band. The sheer length is not the only decisive factor here. Rather it is the melancholic mood, which the band establishes from the beginning. Sadness and pain run like a red thread through ‘Grief Sequence’. The use of keyboard sounds strengthens the expression without shaking the foundations of Conan’s sound. The song looks deep into the black voids of the human soul and manages to create a mood that makes you shiver with fascination. The cold breath of discomfort is what the trio musically implemented in perfection. This song is fascinating and touching.

Conan remain true to themselves on ‘Evidence of Immortality’ and manage to conjure up a sinister diversity on the album. Recommendable.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots
  2. Levitation Hoax
  3. Ritual of Anonymity
  4. Equilibrium of Mankind
  5. Righteous Alliance
  6. Grief Sequence

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge

Release Date EU: August 19th, 2022




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