Review CROBOT ‘Feel This’

Crobot’s debut album ‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’ was released ten years ago and since then the quartet started an impressive journey through the musical landscapes of rock. Having four longplayers and several tours under their belt, also the pandemic hit the band, just as everybody else.

Instead of sitting around and wasting time, Chris Bishop and Dan Ryan started to work on new material and the sent the material to Brandon Yeagley. That’s how the ‘Rat Child’ EP was created, a bridge towards the next longplayer.

‘Feel This’ is the title of this next release from Crobot. A twelve song tracklist and 4 minutes running time bring the best of hard rocking music to the plate.  Hard rock and Blues, both are influential for Crobot and are the main pillars for songs like ‘Better Times’. The song was the lead single for the album and is a good representative for fans, giving them an idea of what to expect.

The entry point to ‘Feel This’ is a well-chosen one. The upbeat ‘Electrified’ is a high-tension rocker that unfolds right away. No frills, just the pure essence of rock with a good level of versatility, that is ‘Electrified’. What a good start.

‘Dizzy’ is next and comes with a slower pace. It is an energizer with a great groove and the hoarse vocals of Yeagley are the extra spice. ‘Golden’ is another song to mention. In case you identify a bit of Soundgarden woven into this tune you are right. ‘Golden’ is homage to a great singer and frontman – Chris Cornell. The song is great one with a chorus that reminds of ‘Black Hole Sun’. Still there is enough Crobot embedded too to make it more than just a copy of the heavy grunge sound of the ‘90s.

The album in general is very much about the human nature and everything that results out of it. The mentioned ‘Dizzy’ is about unstable relationships while the roaring ‘Holy Ghost’ is more about making mistakes and learning from it.

A song that starts calm and easy is named ‘Without Wings’ and no, it’s not a ballad. The calmer intro turns into an iron-pumping rocker that electrifies. Groove is in spotlight the moment Crobot starts ‘Never Break Me’, a more layered song that takes a while to unfold.

The final chapter on this longplayer is entitled ‘Staring Straight into the Sun’. The anthemic tune has post-grunge reminding structure and isn’t the catchiest song on the album. It takes a bit, as with ‘Never Break Me’ and it is worth to invest the time.

‘Feel This’ is an emotional album that sound authentic and real. Crobot unleash the beast of rock’n’roll and don’t try to tame it. It is the pure energy that runs free with the quartet in the driver seat. Modern and sophisticated hard rock in the `20s should sound like what you get offered on ‘Feel This’. Let’s rock.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Electrified
  2. Dizzy
  3. Set You Free
  4. Better Times
  5. Golden
  6. Without Wings
  7. Livin’ on the Streets
  8. Into the Fire
  9. Dance with the Dead
  10. Holy Ghost
  11. Never Break Me
  12. Staring Straight into the Sun

Label: Mascot Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: June 3rd, 2022




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