Review TEMPLE OF VOID ‘Summoning the Slayer’

Detroit-rooted death metal squad Temple Of Void formed in 2013 and has so far three longplayers under their belt. The latest one, ‘The World it Was’, was released in 2020 and two years later the next longplayer waits in line.

‘Summoning the Slayer’ is the title of this seven-title record that brings slow-paced death metal to your home. Temple Of Void always appreciated the longer tracks instead of the three-minute spectacle. The first three songs of their newest work piece reflect this approach and showcases a band that pick things up were they left off two years ago. The masterpiece of this starting triple is called ‘Deathtouch’. With a lot of funeral doom embedded, Temple Of Void creates an evil vibe. Sprinkled with some well-done tempo changes the quintet from Michigan manage to create thrill throughout, sometimes also reminding of the earlier Paradise Lost which is for sure not a band reference.

Sunlight disappears while listening to songs like ‘Deathouch’ and the sun doesn’t come up again while the first notes of ‘Engulfed’ are a next deep cut into the brightness of daylight. Sadness and darkness rules instead while the song rolls on and on without mercy. Slowly ‘Engulfed’ covers one’s soul in black and despair is what takes over.

Next to these metallized elegies, Temple Of Void also brings some three-minute blasts to the plate. While not challenging the general spirit of the album. ‘Hex, Curse & Conjuration’ as well as ‘Dissolution’ get close to a four-minute running time. Especially ‘Hex, Curse & Conjuration’ also includes a pace change compared to most of the other tracks on this album. No doubt, it isn’t speed metal Temple Of Void offer here. However, the guys shift gears and added with this track a massive and faster blast to the album. It is a good move since by that, the quintet gives the album a good flow.

In contrary is ‘Dissolution’. The tune is more of an atmospheric outro and is based on the acoustic guitar. Together with some clean and tangible vocals the song spreads a psychedelic vibe and feels like the calm after the storm.

‘Summoning the Slayer’ is an album that shows how widely death- and doom metal can be interpreted without losing any connection to the foundation of these genres. Coming with a seven-song tracklist, the album entails a good flow with enough variations and details to discover, both guaranteeing a longer time listening delight in the fields of despair and darkness.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Behind the Eye
  2. Deathtouch
  3. Engulfed
  4. A Sequence of Rot
  5. Hex, Curse & Conjuration
  6. The Transcending Horror
  7. Dissolution

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Death-/Doom Metal

Release Date EU: June 3rd, 2022




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