Review SEPTICFLESH ‘Modern Primitive’

Septicflesh has a long track record and many records under their belt. The Greek metal outfit premiered in 1994 and established a symphonic version of death metal, allowing the quintet to enlarge their fanbase.

With ‘Modern Primitive’ a new workpiece will see the light of day these days and five years after having let ‘Codex Omega’ off the leash the wait for new symphonic death metal is over. To mention it right away, ‘Modern Primitive’ is an ambiguous release.

Septicflesh was never know for extreme running times of their albums, but 38 minutes aren’t a lot of music fans get offered this time and the question should be allowed why not adding a tenth song.

The album for sure has some highlight, reflecting the Septicflesh trademark. ‘Neuromancer’ is such a song. An acoustic start turns into a heavy pounding metal song with a typical Septicflesh riff. A dense sound and pushing beat are what the song offers and with the embedded versatility the tune never gets lengthy. Also to mention is the slowly rolling title track. Intensity and power interact with the typical orchestral signature of the Septicflesh sound. The same goes for the deep growls and the clean vocals, both framing Septicflesh’s sound.

The five-piece band from Athens stays true to themselves. There isn’t a big move neither there are experiments that go beyond the known. ‘Modern Primitive’ is an album with many influences and even if ‘Modern Primitive’ is a successful album I can’t quite get rid of the impression that the guys sometimes get a bit bogged down in their own world of musical diversity. Still, good neck-breaking metal from Greece.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Collector  
  2. Hierophant  
  3. Self-Eater
  4. Neuromancer  
  5. Coming Storm
  6. A Desert Throne
  7. Modern Primitives
  8. Psychohistory
  9. A Dreadful Muse

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Symphonic Death Metal

Release Date EU: May 20th, 2022




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