Radioactive is the brainchild of Swedish musician and producer Tommy Denander who started the project in 1991. It took a while before Denander could release the debut album. Ten years after having started Radioactive the first album hit the shelves, a record named ‘Ceremony of Innocence’. Three more records followed, of which the 2015 release ‘F4ur’ was the latest one to date.

Seven years later, Radioactive is active again and has a new album finding its way out of the melting pot. ‘X.X.X.’ is the title of the fifth longplayer by Denander and Co.. The mainman is still in charge of a lot of things. Guitars, bass and keyboards, they are all handled by the founder. Neil Anami and Ollo Romö share the drumkit on ‘X.X.X.’ and there is a numerous amount of singer contributing with their voice to the new Radioactive album.

Robin McAuley, Robbie LaBlanc, Jerome Mazza, Clif Magness, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Daniel Byrne, they all add vocals to these anthemic melodic rock songs. Like with many releases in this genre, also Radioactive benefits from an excellent sound and a musical richness, manifested by each of the songs.

The pumping opener ‘Monkey on Our Back’ is the rocking start into the album and blossoms right away. With the embedded melodies, the songs are sweet and round like a donut and still have enough edges. The bluesy ‘The Deed is Done’, with Robin McAuley’s rougher vocals is a good example for an album that is rocking well. From soulful (‘Written in the Scars’) to straight up rockers (‘Youman Unkind’). ‘X.X.X.’ has it all. Not to forget the hard-hitting ‘Voodoo Queen’.

Radioactive’s fifth album is a treat for your ears. Each of the songs is a well-composed melodic rocker, done with a great sense for melodies and hooks that makes it tough to not connect with these tunes. ‘X.X.X.’, that’s how good time rock music should sound like.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Monkey On Our Backs ft. Jerome Mazza
  2. The Deed Is Done ft. Robin McAuley
  3. Remember The Ghosts ft. Robbie LaBlanc
  4. Written In The Scars ft. Christian Ingebrigtsen
  5. If Today Was Your Last Day Alive ft. Jerome Mazza
  6. Move It ft. Robin McAuley
  7. Youman Unkind ft. Robbie LaBlanc
  8. I Have A Dream ft. Jerome Mazza
  9. Voodoo Queen ft. Robbie LaBlanc
  10. Drag Me Through The Mud ft. Daniel Byrne
  11. California Ways ft. Clif Magness

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: March 11th, 2022



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