Love/Hate pushed with ‘Wasted in America’ a well-crafted hard rock album to the record stores. Still, things didn’t go right at the time and even though the band supported Ozzy Osbourne on a tour through Europe, timing might not have been right for Love/Hate. The upcoming grunge- and nu metal era gained momentum and sleaze rock fell overboard.

‘Let’s Eat’ was the title of the latest album, released in 1999. Since then, the band had some live appearances but no release. Singer Jizzy Pearl now puts an end to this release-less period. After having signed with Golden Robot Records, Pearl activated Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate and announced an album called ‘Hell, C.A.’.

Singles like ‘Soul Mama’ have been promising signs when it comes to the new album and Pearl delivers. ‘Hell, C.A.’ is an excellently rocking album. The singer put a lot of heart and soul into each of the tunes that found a spot on the tracklist.

Rock and blues are the main pillars of this rock’n’roll monument. Songs like the blues-laden ‘When You Gonna Come Home’ comes with a Whitesnake-inspired sound while the opener ‘One Hot Minute’ acts as an upbeat adrenalizer that kicks off ‘Hell C.A.’. The heavy pounding ‘Acid Babe’ is next and hands things over to ‘Gonna Take You Higher’. The latter starts ballade-ish before a forceful riff awakes the rock’n’roll beast.

‘Last Chance’ is a half-ballad that fortunately has enough edges and avoids a sentimental and sugar-sweet vibe. Mainly due to Pearl’s rougher voice each of the songs comes with a denim and leather spirit more than candied melodies that force a dentist visit. Songs like ‘Bruised and Battered’ are crafted for a solid rock party and will surely unfold their full potential when being played live in a small and smoky club.

Jizzy Pearl brings Love/Hate back to life. ‘Hell, C.A.’ is an excellent and really cool hard rock album, music that is crafted with dirt under fingernails. This longplayer is made for a cabriolet ride into the upcoming summer sunsets.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. One Hot Minute
  2. Acid Babe
  3. Gonna Take You Higher
  4. Soul Mam
  5. Hard to Say Goodbye
  6. When You Gonna Come Home
  7. Last Chance
  8. Bruised and Bettered
  9. Wanna be Somebody
  10. Lonely Days are Gone

Label: Golden Robot Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 11th, 2022



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