Review MIDNIGHT ‘Let There Be Witchery’

Five, four, three two, one … midnight. Witching hour. This time it’s less the witches that appear, it’s the reaper. Scythe, fire and knife, all accessories connect with Cleveland-based metal enthusiast Athenar and his project Midnight. Founded in 2003 Midnight release numerous singles and EP before a full-length debut reached the record stores in 2011.

This musical one-man-army slowly enlarged the fanbase and an end is not in sight. The new album ‘Let There Be Witchery’ is a next cornerstone in the remarkable rise of Midnight.

With a growing popularity and after having signed a deal with Metal Blade Records, the sound of Midnight is still raw, and comes with edges. ‘Let There Be Witchery’ is the fifth longplayer penned by Athenar and it still features heavy metal with edges, a savage journey through the bewitched attraction of heavy metal.

Combined with an anarchic vibe each of the ten songs on the new record unfolds its hellish grin right away. Midnight boils down heavy metal to its savage essence. Thunderous riffs, well-place solos and pure power, that is what listeners can expect of ‘Let There Be Witchery’.

Songs like the heavy pounding ‘More Torment’ and the closer ‘Szex Witchery’ are with a four-minute running time the epical excurses on an album that lasers in on two-to-three-minute blasts.

Furthermore, the album contains songs like ‘Let There Be Sodomy’, driven by the spirit of bands like Motörhead while ‘Devil Virgin’ shows that Mercyful Fate had an impact on Midnight’s sound.

‘Let There Be Witchery’, a combination of ‘Let There Be Sodomy’ and Szex Witchery’, continue the tradition of the six syllables album titles and the continuation goes also deeper since Athenar evolves the sound of Midnight without losing the fundamental basic hellish spirit. This album is pure heavy metal without concessions. Flaming horns up.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Telepathic Nightmare
  2. Frothing Foulness
  3. In Sinful Secrecy
  4. Nocturnal Molestation
  5. More Torment
  6. Let There Be Sodomy
  7. Devil Virgin
  8. Snake Obsession
  9. Villainy Wretched Villainy
  10. Szex Witchery

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 4th, 2022




Photo: Hannah Verbeuren

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