SAVAGE GRACE albums will be re-released in February 2022

Awkward artwork, excellent music. That is how the two Savage Grace albums can be described in a very short and crisp way.

Savage Grace founded in 1981 in Los Angeles before later re-locating to the East coast. At the time, the singer of the band was Kelly Rhoads, the brother of the legendary axe-wizard Randy Rhoads, with the latter being the one that suggested the band name.

The musical achievements of Savage Grace are overseeable since the band released with ‘Master of Disguise’ and ‘After the Fall from Grace’ only two longplayers. Both records though contain excellent metal that can be located somewhere between speed- and US metal.

Unfortunately, the band parted ways in 1992 and a couple of reunion efforts didn’t bring new material to the plate.

On February 18th, 2022 it will be Hammerheart Records, re-issuing both Savage Grace longplayers. The two albums will come as a 2-CD package with CD1 featuring a remixed & remastered version while CD2 contains the original recording.

Tracklist: ‘Master of Disguise’

1. Lions Roar (Instrumental)
2. Bound to be Free
3. Fear My Way
4. Sins of the Damned
5. Into the fire
6. Master of Disguise
7. Betrayer
8. Sons of Iniquity
9. No one left to Blame

The Dominatress
10. Fight for your life
11. Curse the Night
12. The Dominatress
13. Live to Burn
14. Too Young to Die

1982 Demo
15. Scepters of Deceit
16. Curse the Night
17. Genghis Khan

1984 Demo
18. No One Left to Blame

Tracklist: ‘After the Fall from Grace’

1. Call to Arms
2. We came, We Saw, We Conquered
3. After the Fall from Grace
4. Trial by Fire
5. Palestinia
6. Age of Innocence
7. Flesh and Blood
8. Destination Unknown
9. Tales of Mystery

Ride into the Night
10. Ride into the Night
11. We March On
12. The Healing Hand
13. Burn (Deep Purple cover)

Compilation 1991
14. Mainline Lover

Live 1982

15. Bare Bottom Blues
16. Such a Dirty Mind

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